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4.5 Google click tracker and the Readpeak tracking script

Using a google click tracker with the Readpeak tracking script is not compatible by default. For the Readpeak tracking script to work properly, we require the click id to be passed from the ad click target URL to the landing page. By default the Google click tracker drops the click id from the URL query string. Luckily, it is possible to pass the landing page as a parameter to the click tracker so that the appended click id persist in the URL.

To pass the landing page to the click tracker as a parameter, one has to append ;? and the landing page URL to the end of the click tracker.

For example, let’s say the click tracker URL is:;2222222222;n

The landing page URL is:

To pass the landing page as a parameter to the click tracker, the URL would be:;2222222222;n;?

In conclusion, to utilise the Readpeak tracking with a Google click tracker, one has to append the landing page to the end of the click tracker. This way the click id will get passed to the landing page.

Remember to always test your click target URL by clicking the test link below each ad variation.

Remember to SAVE every time you make changes to your native advertising campaign on Readpeak.

For more questions on setting up your the Google Click Tracker and the Readpeak Tracking Script, please contact us in-app chat or at

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