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5.0 The Readpeak Dashboard

The Readpeak Campaign Dashboard is built for users to easily fast filter and find relevant data. With a few clicks find any given date and customize what date to be displayed in graphs and table views.

The first above the fold view gives you and overview over the active and running campaigns in your account. By hoovering a specific day (or week or month) you will see time specific date.

Filter by function

The top filter will give you the possibility to choose what campaigns you want to see. You can filter by client (if you have an agency account) or campaigns names or country or specific time windows or based on if the campaign is Active, Inactive or has ended or campaigns done by specific users or native ad formats.

Note that based on the filters you choose, it will list campaigns in the dashboard, and filter the overview graph and data.

See overview numbers of filtered campaigns combined

Graph data

You can easily choose how and what data to be displayed in the overview graph.

Select if you want the data to be shown on daily, weekly or monthly bases.

By pressing the filter symbol you access the filter menu. Select 4 dimensions to be displayed in the graph.

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