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 Readpeak  is a tool to reach your  target audience  through  digital  native advertising 

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Readpeak directs about 1 000 000 readers per month to clients’ websites through native ads

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per year

With Readpeak create targeted campaigns that can be optimized for conversions

Premium publishers

Reach millions every week on 1000 different news sites across Europe

A credible way to get higher visibility

“Readpeak’s native advertising service is an effective way to get credible visibility for your own or a client’s content. We have used native advertising as part of a marketing campaign and it worked very well, bringing record numbers of visitors to our website.”
Kaarina Päivinen, Marketing Manager, Saranen Consulting

Better than Social Media

“Native ads purchased through Readpeak have been more cost effective than Facebook advertising to find readers and leads.”
Anttoni Kerkkonen, Communications Manager,
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How does Readpeak work?
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Boost your marketing with
native advertising

Create a native campaign in 15 minutes

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in real time

Define your
target group
Convert visitors into customers

Better Conversion rates than Facebook

Docrates compared the conversion effectiveness of three advertising platforms. The traffic coming through Readpeak converted up to 2.5* times better than Facebook traffic.

* Readpeak Oy's original research. Analysis and opinions are Readpeak Oy’s own.

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