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The most powerful tool for content promotion

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        Reach the right target for your content. Access over 10,000 publishers from one platform. No mimimum bid or spend. Pay per validated click.
        Automatic optimization and machine learning. Only charged for validated traffic. No fraud or bots.


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Geo Targeting

Show your ads in a specific geographical location such as country, region/state, city.

Fast Campaign Creation

Create an ad and have it up and running within a few minutes. With ReadPeak’s Import Content From URLs feature, all you need is a web address to plug and play.

Real Time Statistics

The campaign dashboard is updated minute by minute giving you full control and insight of campaign’s performance.

Machine Learning

Using behavioral data, ReadPeak can target your audiences in an efficient way that greatly improves the likelihood of converting viewers to readers and readers to customers.

Device Targeting

Choose to deliver your ads to readers on desktop, mobile or tablet.

Fast Multi Variation Ad Creation

Quickly add multiple ad variations to your campaign with the duplicate option, then change pictures or headline easily in seconds.

Examples of ads in action

Here’s how your ad would look in a few of our medias.

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It Gets Even Better


Set conversion trackers for your campaigns and get real-time statistics on what content ad variation and what media converts best.

We offer to connect tracking codes.

Connect tracking code

Get real-time conversion data.

Get real-time conversion data

Automatic optimization

Automatic optimization

Built-in machine learning.

Built-in machine learning

Here’s what our customers say

All medias will talk about your amazing product!


The platform is easy to use and the ads can easily be tailored to the general look of the site. SalkunRakentaja is a popular online publishing company focusing on investment and finance, reaching over 80,000 visitors a month.

Jorma Erkkilä / Editor in Chief


Readpeak’s native advertising service is an effective way to gain credible, extra visibility for your own content or your customer’s content. We’ve used native advertising as part of our marketing campaign and it has worked really well bringing a record number of visitors to the customer’s web site. Readpeak also serves to ensure that campaigns are working and new versions are made during a campaign to achieve the desired result.

Kaarina Päivinen / Marketing Planner, AD


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