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6.3 Optimize for CPA and conversions

You can optimise your native campaign with Readpeak towards CPA and Conversions.

The Conversion optimization uses conversion data to understand what ad and which sites converts the best. The data is fed into our algorithms and the more data we have the more accurate the optimization will be. To maximize the effect you can build conversion funnels with several conversion goals. In this way you can feed in purch-intent data to start optimizing early on potentially high-conversion traffic.

When enabling CPA optimization the platform always uses time spent on site as one indicator of quality traffic, but you can add as many "soft goals" as you wish.

By drag-and-drop order the priority of the conversion funnel goals. Priority 1 is always the final goal the algorithm will optimize towards.

Example of conversion funnel optimization

How to enable optimization towards Conversions

Once you have created your native campaign, go to "Campaign Tracking" and on top of the goal's dashboard there is the option to optimise based Conversions.

Remember to SAVE every time you make changes to your native advertising campaign on Readpeak. 

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