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7.2 The Readpeak Data API

The Readpeak Data API enables advertisers and agencies to access data of their campaigns. It is possible to access metrics like clicks, impressions and CTR and group the data by dimensions like campaign and article. To see a full list of available fields go to

Getting started

Visit to create you API key. Remember to keep you API key secret, as it can be used to access your data.

The API key gives access to the user's group's data. Note that resetting the API key will invalidate the old key and it cannot be used to fetch data anymore.

The page also provides a visual editor to access the API. You can use the visual editor to build the URL for the API. Use the buttons and dropdowns to select the wanted metrics and dimensions. The order of selected dimensions can be changed by drag and drop the dimension in the list.

You can also filter by time, clients, campaigns or publishers using the dropdowns. Note that the API URL changes depending on the chosen selections:

You can use the UI to download or preview the data in JSON or CSV form.


The end point for the API v1 is:


There are two ways to authenticate the API usage.

1. Using Bearer authentication

To use this method, send the API key in the Authorization header:

Authorization: Bearer <API KEY>

2. Using apikey parameter

To use this method, add the API key to the apikey query parameter:

apikey=<API KEY>

For example:

Available dimensions:

ad_group = Title for an ad group
ad_group_id = ID number for an ad group
advertiser = The Brand name displayed on the Ad Variation (25 characters)
article_creation_date = The Date an Ad Variation was created in the campaign
article_title = The Title of an Ad Variation (70 characters)
article_update_date = The Date an Ad Variation was last time updated
campaign = The name of the Campaign
campaign_creator = Email of the User that created the Campaign
campaign_creator_name = Name of the User that created the Campaign
client = The Brand connected to the campaign
cta = Call To Action text for the Ad Variation (20 characters)
currency = Choose Currency for the campaign
date = Date for the Data Metrics selected
image_url = Ad Variation Image URL
location = The Publishers Site Name, where ads been displayed
target_url = The click URL set in Ad Variation, where clicks from the ad will be directed
text = The teaser text set in the Ad variation (120 characters)
theme = The theme label of an Ad Variation (20 characters)
variation_no = The order number of an Ad Variation in an Ad Group

Query Parameters

See all the possible fields in the UI on

  • metrics - A comma separated list of metrics
  • dimensions - A comma separated list of dimensions
  • format - json or csv
  • daterange - Use for predefined date ranges. See possible values in the Select time dropdown on Use date parameter for custom date ranges.
  • date - Define custom date ranges using symbols <, <=, =, =>, >. For example:
  • filters - Add filters for client, campaign or publisher. For example:

A full example:

Note that all URLs should be URL encoded.

Supermetrics Integration

About Supermetrics:

Supermetrics solves data problems by streamlining data delivery to your chosen reporting tool. Eliminate monthly reporting chaos and use your time to analyze, optimize and maximize your results with your data.

Supermetrics is the #1 data pipeline company, and over 700 000 marketers move their data through Supermetrics.

About the integration:

Supermetrics moves your Readpeak data to your go-to reporting or analytics platform— whether that’s a spreadsheet or a data visualization tool. Create automatic updates and have the reports ready whenever you need them.

Pull data such as clicks, impressions, CTR and easily combine the data with your other paid media campaigns.

The connector is still in early access and you can try it 14-days for free at

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