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1.0 Prepare your native setup before you build your campaign

Welcome to the first section of our best practice articles!

Building a successful native advertising campaign starts with preparation. In this section, we'll guide you through the essential steps to prepare your native setup before you begin building your campaign.

In here we'll guide you step by step with the creation of your native advertising campaigns. You will find all of the relevant articles from the menu on the left.

The Readpeak team collected all of your frequently asked questions and prepared the articles to help you using the platform at its best.

Here is an example of how your native ads will look like on the news feed:

Examples of BMW's Native Ads on Affärs Världen and Dagens PS

In addition to BMW Nordics, more than 3000 companies are using Readpeak to reach millions of readers every week, including Volkswagen, BMW, Ikea, and Bosch and many more.

Before you start, do not miss the latest industry trends and read our latest Readpeak Success Stories.

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