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1.1 Build a powerful landing page for content native campaign

Crafting compelling native ads is crucial, but don't overlook the significance of your landing page. Here are Readpeak's best practices for creating effective content:

1. Create "Touchpoints" for quick engagement:

Convey the value of your content within the first three sentences.

Use an impactful title addressing pain points and positioning your company as the solution.

2. Highlight a solvable problem:

Emphasize a problem your product or service addresses.

Establish trust by showing understanding, compelling readers to continue and respond to your call to action.

3. Activate your readers with valuable insights:

Offer educational content to engage and share.

Providing value boosts brand awareness and encourages readers to take desired actions.

4. Consider the reader's journey:

Tailor content to different stages of the buying path.

Align campaign goals with appropriate content, whether it's brand awareness or conversions.

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