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3.1.4 AI Ads

Introducing AI Ads: Elevate Your Campaign Performance with Smart Variations

Unlock the power of AI to supercharge your ad variations and boost campaign performance.


Having multiple ad variations is a game-changer for campaign success. Enter AI Ads – your new companion in creating dynamic ad content effortlessly.

How It Works:

Create your campaign or use an existing Campaign: Start with 1-4 ad variations in your campaign.

Generate AI Ads: Click "Generate AI Ads," and our platform will analyse your first 1-4 variations and landing page, using advanced AI to extract elements, themes, and tone of voice for your creatives

Explore 8 Variations: Instantly view 8 AI-generated ad variations. Review, edit, or dismiss as needed.

Approval Process

  • Approve Creatives: Approved variations appear in your campaign in a deactivated state.
  • Dismiss Creatives: Dismissing allows you to create new variations for the dismissed ones.
  • Edit Creatives: Editing offers ready-made options for different headlines, teasers, and CTA's.
  • Comment on Creatives: Use the comment feature to provide feedback on a creative.

External Approval

  • Send for Approval: Press "External Approval" to generate a unique link. Share this link via email or other channels for external approval.

Optimize, Approve, and Conquer with AI Ads!

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