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3.2.2 Add or remove medias in your campaign

Open the campaign where you want to add or remove media. 

On the top right corner click on Medias & Placements: 

 To add more medias, click on Add More Medias: 

You can filter the media by category, language, country and name as in the picture below: 

After the filters, you’ll have a list of media to choose. Click on SELECT if you want to add a media to your campaign, and UNSELECT if you want to remove it. 

If you want to see all of the media of your campaign and make changes to those, click on SHOW ALL and a list of selected media will appear. 

From here you can quickly remove media to your campaign clicking on “UNSELECT” under the relevant media. 

Remember to SAVE every time you make changes to your native advertising campaign on readpeak. 

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