Payment Terms

Read Peak Oy is an online service owned and operated by Readpeak Oy or its subsidiary companies.

By registering to, you accept our terms and conditions. Registration is free of charge. Using the service, you will be charge based on CPC (Cost per Click) transactions in running native advertising campaigns. The transaction is recorded for every click produced and tracked in campaigns created by the user, or on behalf of the user.

The billing period is anywhere between daily and monthly, based on realized total spending of billing period. Total spending is the sum of CPC transaction for billing period.

Payment is charged on a valid credit card or billed by e-invoicing. Readpeak reserves the right to bill credit card users before campaign starts to the maximum budget set in the campaign by the user. In the case that spending remains lower than the pre-billed amount, Readpeak refunds open credit. Readpeak reserves the right to charge 3% credti card fee on top of spend budget for credit card charges. All credit cards will be charged in Euros (converted based on daily rates from currencies set in the campaigns).

In case Readpeak is not able to charge users, credit card or bills are not payed in time, Readpeak reserves the right to pause any ongoing campaign done by the user account and furthermore, if necessary, block the access of the user to the Service.

Credit cards are charged immediately at the end of the billing period. E-invoice due date is set to 14 days from the end of the billing period.

For more information on payment terms or costs pleas contact our support at

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