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What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a form of digital advertising that has evolved since the 2010s. Using native advertising it is possible to create effective content marketing on commercial media and news sites. Native advertising is currently one of the fastest growing forms of advertising internationally. Native advertising budgets are projected to grow 375% by 2025, up to $ 400 billion.

The Ad Format

Native advertising is used to create digital ads that are as close in content and appearance as possible to the content of the publishing platform. Instead of traditional banner and display ads, native advertising utilizes the style and format used by the news site. 

Native ads appear in the publisher's news feed in the same way as news but are clearly marked as advertisements. The news format arouses the reader’s interest and makes them respond to the content. Ads naturally blend in with journalistic content and are therefore perceived as part of the media reading experience. 

When a reader clicks on a native ad, they will be directed to selected content on your website. This can be a blog post, an article, or a landing page with content. 

The guiding principle of native advertising is that it always leads to content on your own website, but it is also possible to create a product native campaign that directs to a product page or online store. Read more about product-native advertising here.


Example of BMW native advertising:

Native advertising consists of content elements that follow the news site’s own style. 

Title: The title should be relevant, engaging, and awaken the reader’s interest

Teaser: The teaser helps you briefly tell the reader what the content is about

Image: An image suited to the content arouses the reader's interest

Advertiser Name: Each ad must clearly identify the advertiser.

CTA: A link that leads the reader to your page. Usually the link says “Read more.” (Optional)

Theme: In some cases, a topic can also be given, such as ‘cars’, ‘apps’, ‘B2B’ or ‘holidays’. (Optional)

When you use a platform like Readpeak, native ads are created automatically and in a very simple, easy way. The platform automatically ensures that your native ad follows the style and form of your news site, and thus achieves the best results for your campaign. 

You can read more about how Readpeak is built, enabling native advertising to help you achieve the best possible result. 

How does Readpeak work?

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