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Readpeak Platform and Services Privacy Policy

Readpeak takes your privacy very seriously. To ensure your privacy, Readpeak complies with all applicable legislation such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the ePrivacy Directive and the UK GDPR.

In this privacy policy you will find information on the processing of personal data that takes place in Readpeak platform and services (“Services”).

For privacy information related to the Readpeak web site, please visit site privacy policy and Cookie Policy.

About the Readpeak Platform and services

Readpeak provides a digital advertising technology platform that is used by advertisers to buy advertising space on websites, mobile applications (browser and in-app) and similar online media sites. The buying is done via automated bidding on the platform. The platform and related online advertising technology services offered by Readpeak aim at helping advertisers deliver more relevant ads to customers and reduce the advertising pressure. This includes matching advertisers with audiences whose interests are relevant to the advertiser’s ad campaigns. The services also comprise other functionalities, such as capability to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns by collecting and analyzing data of displayed ads, to prevent fraudulent activities and malware, and to predict the coverage of ads.

Data Collection and Usage

As part of the services, Readpeak tracks on an anonymous basis end users’ interactions with client advertisements and with client websites such as how many times advertisements are clicked or viewed. This tracking is carried out through Readpeak’s platform as well as on our clients’ website. As part of the tracking process on Readpeak’s platform, no personal data is collected except for IP addresses and cookie IDs. IP addresses and cookie IDs cannot be directly connected to an identifiable individual. Readpeak does not collect or processes data that would be required for identifying the individuals behind an IP address or cookie ID. Also no sensitive data is collected.

Readpeak’s tracking technology may employ tracking pixels on clients’ sites as well as data feeds from client or from third parties. A tracking pixel is a piece of code embedded on a web page of client sites that collects information about visitors’ behavior on that web page, such as the URLs the visitor has visited. The tracking pixel can either be provided by Readpeak or by our technology partners. The tracking pixel may include a command to create a Readpeak cookie.

A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on a user’s browser and that enables tracking activity from a browser. Readpeak may serve ads based on the websites and apps a user has visited or based on ads a user has clicked. You can read more in our Cookie Policy.

Readpeak may also conduct cookie syncing with third-party platforms such as Google, Xandr, or Taboola. Cookie syncing means the process of matching the unique user ID across the third-party platforms. The purpose of cookie syncing is to serve targeted and tailored ads and to evaluate the performance of advertising campaigns run through the Readpeak platform.

In addition, Readpeak collects technical information such as the name and version of your browser and your operating system.

Purposes of data use

Readpeak uses the data to provide advertising services to its clients. This includes the following advertising-related purposes:

  • Data is used to analyze and report on advertising performance. This includes processing data so that the actions of users can be matched with particular campaigns, targeting data, publishers, and specific advertisements.
  • Data is used to improve online advertising experience and efficiency for example by displaying ads in a particular sequence, displaying particular content in response to users’ interests, displaying ads based on statistical probabilities, or by determining which ads to show or whether any ads should be displayed at all. Data can also be used for predicting the likelihood that users will engage with certain ads.
  • Cookie IDs may be used to limit advertising exposure for browsers and enable more relevant advertising.
  • Cookies and Cookie IDs are used also to comply with users’ opt-out requests.
  • Data is used to prevent denial-of-service attacks and other fraudulent activities, such as the use of bots or malware.
  • Cookie IDs can be synchronized with other online advertising services for the purposes of serving targeted and tailored ads and to evaluate the performance of advertising campaigns run through the Readpeak platform. This is a core functionality of the digital advertising ecosystem, as it enables linking up data from multiple advertising services providers. No other data is used for this purpose.  
  • Data is used to enable the buying and selling of online advertising. This includes calculating a price for a bid or bid request and the submitting of bid requests or bids to partners.  

In addition, data is used for internal research and service development, for example analyzing the use of Readpeak’s services; developing new services, for improving existing features and functionalities of services; and for developing and training the computer algorithms which form part of our services.

Data Retention

The typical lifetime of the cookies created in context of the services is 90 days, although this duration may be changed to a different and shorter duration within the scope of what is permissible by law at any time and without advance notice to our clients and end users.

The collected data is never stored for more than 13 months.

For more information on cookies and retention times, please see Cookie Policy.  

Legal Basis for Processing

Data is collected only when there is a valid legal basis for doing so. Currently we collect and process data based on users’ consent or on our legitimate interest to do so.

Where we process data on behalf of our clients, the processing takes place based on the legal basis of our client such as consent obtained by our clients, or the legitimate interest of our clients.  

Joint responsibility

Readpeak’s platform and services form one part of the so-called online advertising ecosystem. This means that when providing our services, we work together with partners and clients (“partners”, including partners on whose websites and mobile applications data is collected via the used of cookies. With some of these partners, we are joint controllers within the meaning of Article 26 of the GDPR. This joint responsibility concerns the collection and disclosure of data, and it means that we have shared certain responsibilities among each other as follows:

  • Readpeak provides a partner with a cookie or similar technology, and the partner integrates this technology on its offers. This enables the collection of the data for the purposes described in this policy.
  • Our partner informs users of the existence of cookies and the data processing they do and ensures that the data collection is based on a valid legal basis such as consent in which case the partner informs us of users’ choices.
  • In particular, each party bearing the joint responsibility ensures that there are appropriate data security measures in place. In case of a data breach, the parties work together to ensure swift and effective handling of the breach.
  • You can exercise your rights described below as a data subject both towards us and towards our partner. We and our partner are liable for any processing that does not comply with the provisions of the GDPR in accordance with Art. 82 GDPR

Compliance with IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework

Readpeak is part of the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework. Readpeak complies with the policies and specifications of the Transparency & Consent Framework. Readpeak’s vendor id is 290.

Your Rights

As a data subject you have the right:

  • to access your data, and to request the rectification in case of error or the deletion of your data. Please use the contact details below to request the access, rectification, or erasure of your data. Please note that these rights are not absolute and that exercising them requires that you can be reasonably identified as the data subject of particular data.
  • You have the right to complain to a data protection authority about our collection and use of your personal information. There is a data protection authority in each EU and EEA country as well as in the UK. Please contact the authority of your country of residence for more information on how to complain.
  • to object to the processing of the data for legitimate purposes: please check out the instructions below for how to opt-out of data being collected in the context of Readpeak services

Opt-Out Mechanism

Should you like to disable the anonymous data collection for Readpeak services, please flip the switch below to “Yes”:

Opt-out of Readpeak Ad services


Should you have any privacy concerns, please contact us at Readpeak or by post: Readpeak, Melkonkatu 26, 00210 Helsinki, Finland

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