Campaign: Herkutteluteema Joulu 2021

Objective: Driving quality traffic to the Valio site

KPIs: CTR, Bounce Rate , Time Spent

Time Frame: 07.12.2021 - 21.12.2021

Comparison: Social Media Platform

Format: Content Native , 25 Articles

Average Reading Time: 2min26sec

Average CTR: 1.13% ; Best article CTR’s: 2.56%

Average CPC: 0,53€; Lowest CPC: 0,10€

Bounce rate: 11%

Bid: 1,50€ / 2,00€

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A Very "Tasty" Native Campaign

Valio, a Finnish manufacturer of dairy products, is one of the largest companies in Finland. Their goal is to be the number one recipe site in the country, inspiring and helping people in their cooking and baking dreams. Since Christmas is the most important season for Valio, they always have a large content campaign during the holidays.

The native campaign mainly targets people over the age of 35 who are interested in cooking and baking, possibly have children and want to create a cozy Christmas vibe for the whole family. They cook and bake frequently and may seek help to ease their busy schedules or inspiration to expand their flavor experiences.

In order to reach the right target group, native ads were targeted on sites where home cooks were known to hang out. In addition to this, larger daily newspapers were used to guarantee sufficient coverage. In connection with large seasonal campaigns, the media choices usually have to be expanded, and in this case it is very important to ensure that the traffic quality remains as desired.

Overall, the campaign on Readpeak had a 36% lower bounce rate and 95% longer time spent on site than on other social media platforms.

Content and Strategy

The campaign's strategy was to showcase memorable and original Christmas recipes made with Valio's products in specifically-targeted publishers. 

Here are some examples of the best performing native ads:

CTR: 2.55%

CPC: 0,34€

CTR: 1.61%

CPC: 0,58€

CTR: 1.57%

CPC: 0,49€

Readpeak’s transparency is excellent. We can see how different media perform in the campaign and set specific bids for each publisher and news site. The UX is good and the platform is very intuitive. It’s easy to navigate and build campaigns.

Tuuli Nummela, Senior Digital Planner at Dagmar for Valio.

All of the campaign's goals were reached and even surpassed.

The campaign's main OKRs were:

- Average CTR at least 1%

- Bounce Rate on site at least <20%

The results with Readpeak were:

- Average CTR: 1.13%

- Bounce rate: 11%

In total the campaign drove 16K unique new visitors to the Valio's landing pages, with an average CPC of 0,53€ and overall click amount of +20K.

Key Takeaway

Valio's native campaign is the perfect example of A/B testing different kinds of articles simultaneously as it had a total of 25 different articles that Readpeak's algorithm optimized toward the set goals. A wide selection of media and categories helped Valio reach the right audience, which can be seen in the quality of site visitors, the low the bounce rate and the high average session duration.

The ad content was highly relevant for the Christmas season, both educational for the audience as well as promotional for Valio's products in making delicious and unique Christmas recipes.

"We have chosen to use Readpeak because it offers us the most cost-efficient site traffic compared to performance on other platforms" says Tuuli Nummela, Senior Digital Planner for Valio at Dagmar.

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