Docrates Cancer Centre

In conversions, Readpeak comes out on top!

Docrates Cancer Centre is a Finnish hospital, located in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of cancer patients.
Ella Kirjasniemi, Director of Marketing and Communications, manages most of the company’s native advertising internally, from content production to creating and optimising campaigns. During the past year, content marketing has been highlighted on digital channels.

Docrates’ marketing team started using Readpeak’s native advertising tool in the beginning of 2017. Since then, the tool has been in continuous use for advertising content in different media.

The central focus in Docrates’ content marketing has been to raise awareness. The company is also increasingly looking for contacts in a measurable manner that can be optimised.

Example of Docrates native Ads in Sweden


In the beginning of 2018, Docrates compared various marketing channels using similar content and campaigns.
Besides Readpeak’s native advertising platform, the comparison included Facebook and a Nordic native advertising network that also operates in Finland.

For nine months, the comparison tracked how the 24,971 ad clicks from different channels converted on the company’s website.
The results showed how native advertising is quickly rising up alongside social media as a strong content marketing channel. By many indicators, it even rises above it.

Among other things, the comparison followed three different conversion goals. The first two tracked visitors who continued on from the content page to the price list and appointment reservation stages. The third tracked visitors’ general interest based on their behaviour on the website. These conversion points were chosen for tracking as the company does not have an online booking system due to the special needs of cancer patients.

Readpeak is extremely easy to use. We have received an enormous amount of information on our campaigns and can manage them with our team internally.

Ella Kirjasniemi, Director of Marketing and Communications

Conversion results

According to all conversion indicators, native advertising beat the traffic coming from Facebook. Even though the more affordable Facebook also received strong results in reading time, for example, conversions remained few.
By signing up for the Readpeak service or by emailing us at, you can get access to the full report.
Conversions through Readpeak were up to ten times better than those via Facebook in terms of scheduled appointments.

In total conversions, Readpeak’s results were 2.5 times better compared to traffic from Facebook.


Native advertising can be implemented with various platforms or partners. User experiences and even the effectiveness of platforms differ - often even depending on the material. Even in this comparison, Readpeak’s optimisation showed its superiority and beat the competing native network in the conversion rate. This is partly because with Readpeak it is possible to carefully choose the targeted media. Few advertising platforms allow for this function.
Readpeak recently launched a data targeting tool that improves the conversion rate even more.
Ella describes the user experience thusly: “Readpeak is extremely easy to use. We have received an enormous amount of information on our campaigns and can manage them with our team internally.”

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