Opt-out Page

By opting-out you can:

- tell our Readpeak’s customers not to measure your use of their websites, and
- tell Readpeak not to do cookie syncing with other marketing platform providers.

Readpeak provides analytics services to help companies measure the use of their websites and / or tailor their native online ads based on the likely interests of their users. By clicking the opt-out button, you can opt out of the use of Readpeak cookies for these purposes.


Readpeak Oy – How does our service work and how we utilize cookies?

As part of the services we provide to our clients, we track on an anonymous basis through our platform (available at here: https://www.readpeak.com/ ) as well as on our clients’ website end users’ interactions with client advertisements and with client websites, such as how many times clicks on advertisements are clicked or viewed and ad impressions. This tracking is carried out through our platform (available at here: https://www.readpeak.com/ ) as well as on our clients’ website.

As part of this the tracking process on our platform, we do not collect any personally identifiable information with the exception of IP addresses and cookie IDs. We will never seek to identify you personally through your IP or cookie ID unless so requested by governmental or other judicial authorities.

Our tracking technology may employ tracking pixels on clients’ sites as well as data feeds from our client’s or from third parties.

A tracking pixel is a piece of code embedded on a web page of client sites that collects information about visitors’ behavior on that web page, such as the URLs the visitor has visited. The tracking pixel can either be provided by Readpeak or by some of our technological partners. The tracking pixel may include a command to create a Readpeak cookie. A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on a user’s browser and that enables tracking activity from a browser.

Readpeak may serve ads based on the websites and apps a user has visited or based on ads a user has clicked. The typical lifetime of the cookies we create is 90 days, although this duration may be changed to a different and shorter duration within the scope of what is permissible by law at any time and without advance notice to our clients and end users.

Readpeak may also conduct cookie syncing with third-party platforms such as Google, Xandr, or Taboola. Cookie syncing means the process of matching the unique user ID across the third-party platforms. The purpose of cookie syncing is to serve targeted and tailored ads and to evaluate the performance of advertising campaigns run through the Readpeak platform.

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