Native advertising is as easy as Facebook advertising, but more effective

14.05.2018 | 02:54:00 | Tomas Forsbäck

Native advertising has clear advantages compared to social media advertising.

Facebook advertising has grown significantly. A new and more effective way to find your target group is now available: native advertising.

For many years, Facebook has been an important marketing channel for many advertisers. This is partly due to its excellent targeting opportunities and the fact that it’s also well suited for content marketing.

Even though it’s cheap to buy traffic, many Facebook advertisers are facing challenges with the quality of the traffic. Is the bounce rate (immediate exit) too high? Is the reading time too short?

Native advertising has risen next to social media advertising and by many indicators, even passed it in quality.

In native advertising, content ads, such as blog posts, will be placed on a selected media’s news site. In this way, readers of the media can click the ad to read the content and get to know the company. Campaigns are easily created from native advertising platforms, for example the ReadPeak platform.

Creating a native advertising campaign is as quick and easy as creating a Facebook campaign. The only thing you need is the content, such as the URL link to a blog, article or video.

A ReadPeak customer examined the conversion rate for the same content using Facebook ads and the ReadPeak native advertising tool. Native advertising was 2.5 times better than Facebook. The report included eight campaigns from a period of nine months.

Creating a native advertising campaign:

  • The ReadPeak platform is free of charge, you can start using it by register below
  • You pay only for the actual clicks and the price can be as low as €0.12 per click (prices €0.1-2.0)
  • It takes 5-10 minutes to create a campaign
  • You can follow the campaign statistics in real-time
  • You can target the advertising based on the readers’ interests
  • Targeting according to the geolocation
  • Possibility to create conversion goals for the campaign
  • See the readers’ media-specific reading times
  • You can place your content on hundreds of different quality medias’ webpage.


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Get to know us:

What is ReadPeak? ReadPeak is a native advertising platform which enables companies to place their content in hundereds of news websites. The service is free of charge. You only pay for the actual readers (clicks).

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