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How does Readpeak work?

Readpeak is an advertising platform that specialises in native advertising. The goal is to make native advertising as simple and easy as possible for advertisers and agencies to create smart and strong native advertising campaigns.

Signing up for Readpeak and creating a native advertising campaign is free. You'll only be charged for each click on an active ad campaign.

Readpeak has specialized in several details

Automatic Optimization

We will optimize your campaign automatically. All you have to do is specify the maximum amount you want to spend on a click to your website. Once you've set a maximum cost-per-click (CPC), Readpeak will take care of the entire buying process with your campaign and the publishers on whose sites you want your campaign to appear. Our algorithm works efficiently to keep the price for you as low as possible. So in most cases, you'll pay less than your maximum budget.

Scaling to every site with unique layouts

We automatically ensure that the image, title, and teaser of your native ad are scaled correctly for each site. This means that even if your ad has the same content, it will look different on the pages of MTV-news, Ilta-Sanomat and MeNaiset, etc. The ad will always look similar to the other content on the news site. This is the core of native advertising and we take care of this process automatically.

Same ad scaling on different news sites to fit the form and style of the context

Advanced features

Readpeak has many advanced features in case you need to build re-marketing campaigns, do conversion optimization, or involve third parties such as Doubleclick or Adform in campaign tracking. Ask us for more information.

Track results in real time

Once you've created and activated your own campaign, it will start running on the news sites of the selected media (watch the video: how to create a native ad campaign) and you'll be able to track statistics in real time from your subscription tracking view. You'll be able to see which ads work best and on which news sites. You can also track conversions as well as which news sites generate the best reading times for you.

Monitor every ad performance in real time

You can track performance down to site and placement level

Billing is smooth and transparent

Your campaigns will be charged at the beginning of each month. The charge is based on the actual budget spent in the previous month. You can determine the size of the budget yourself. To recap, you don't pay anything in advance, you get the results of your campaign first, and only then do you pay for them.

Would you like to book a 30-minute online meeting with our team?

One of the best ways to get started with Readpeak is to book an online meeting. During the demo meeting, we will share inspiring CASE examples, present our platform, and share the best-performing native strategies at the moment while discussing how native advertising could best fit your needs.
Book a Demo with us at: or +358 40 653 9996


 Readpeak  is a platform to reach your  target audience through  native advertising 

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readpeak - native annonsering


readpeak - native annonsering


readpeak - native annonsering


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