Marketing Directors- know what media your target group consumes.

17.05.2018 | 11:40:00 | Tomas Forsbäck

With the tools of native advertising, you can target your content better than you thought.

The first lesson in marketing is to understand your potential customers, their habits and purchasing behaviour. Each target customer consumes various online medias. Therefore, medias have become a very effective way of reaching precisely defined target groups. But it only works if you do it right.

Media is a platform for content, not for advertising. Thus, the most efficient way of getting the target group’s attention on media is to use content marketing.

Here are five examples of how to do it efficiently and without having to contact the media’s sales team.

Find out which media your target group browses

Even if your buyer persona is interested in boating, they may browse the website of an afternoon paper or a local news media just as well as they may read a boating magazine.

The correct target group can be reached via various medias when you utilize the opportunities provided by targeting. This is why you should make use of various medias.

Create content that speaks to the target audience

Your company may already have blogs and articles that speak to the target audience. You can utilise them.

If you do not have them yet, you should create new content. Read instructions on how to create useful and compelling content to both B2C and B2B target groups here

The objective of content is not only to arouse interest

Good content convinces the reader, educates them and provides them with information on your company’s services. It does this in an appealing fashion and simultaneously encourages the reader to act.

Create a campaign using a native advertising platform

Many mainstream medias and smaller targeted medias have opened external native advertising to content promotion platforms such as Readpeak.

It is the most effective and the fastest way to highlight your content advertisement on a media news site. The campaigns have several targeting possibilities. A new campaign can be created in just 5–10 minutes.

Registering to the service is free of charge. You only pay for readers (clicks) that open the content of your company.

The media selection includes, for example, the medias of the media group Sanoma, the publishing company Otava, the media house A-lehdet and the newspapers Kaleva, Turun Sanomat and Keskisuomalainen.

Target with precision

With native advertising, you can target advertising accurately to the correct people. The targeting is based on the target group’s interests. Define which target group you want to target your campaign to. You can choose from over 120 categories.

Keyword targeting is a new effective functionality which allows you to choose 10 keywords. If these words appear in the news of the chosen medias, your content advertisement will be displayed in connection with the media’s content.

If you choose the word “boating”, your content advertisement will be displayed in connection with every piece of content in which the word is used.

Use conversion optimization

There is an increased demand for clear conversions, both soft and hard, from digital campaigns. Readpeak’s platform is specialized in the optimization of conversions.

You can easily create one or more conversion goals for each campaign. These goals can be purchases, downloaded guides or a certain number of visitors on the pricing page.

The campaigns allow you to precisely monitor which media channel and which content generates the best conversions.

These measures help you to find the correct target group from a media, arouse their interest, encourage them to read your content and to monitor which media provides the visitors with the best conversion rates.


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