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Automated UTM Links

19.01.2018 | 10:50:00 | Tomas Forsback

80% of our users track campaign data in Google Analytics. We just made it easier and smarter with your ReadPeak native campaigns.

You can enable “Dynamic UTM Parameters” when creating a new campaign under Advanced Settings

or under Edit Advanced Settings for an existing campaign.

Automatic Parameters

When Dynamic UTM Parameters are enabled the platform automatically creates utm parameters for every click. You don’t need to add anything!

The parameters will show you:

Campaign Medium: Default value is native
Campaign Name: Default value is the name set in ReadPeak
Campaign Source: Default value will show from what media the traffic comes from and separate them in Google Analytics under the campaign
Campaign Content: Default value will use the headline of the original content to track content in Google Analytics.

This helps you to tack in Google Analytics what source and what content performs the best metrics and conversions.

Override automatic parameters

If you want to set your own utm-parameters for the campaign, just fill in the parameters in the fields. Notice that overriding source parameter will disable possibility to track different media sources in Google Analytics.

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