Zmarta Group

Campaign: Zmarta

Period: May-December 2020

Readers: 188,564

Format: Content native, product native

Top performing sites: Göteborgs-Posten, HD, IDG, Affärsvärlden, Aftonbladet, SvD, Svensk Dam, MSN, Nyteknik, Allt för föräldrar, Expressen, Omni.

Objective: High quality and optimised visitor traffic

Average CPC: 4.94 SEK

Best CPC on site: 2.04 SEK

Average CTR: 0.43%

Best article CTR on site: 6.76%

Best CTR on site: 3.99% (12,928 clicks)

Average CTR of optimised campaign: 0.15% -45%

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Zmarta: A “Zmartly” Thought Approach

Zmarta Group is a leading financial technology marketplace offering a broad range of consumer finance services to consumers with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

In the spring of 2020, Zmarta launched the concept of “We help you make smart personal financial choices” to increase brand awareness and customer flow.

The collaboration with Readpeak has had these same goals in mind, to increase brand recognition and bring new customers to Zmarta.

Campaign Set-Up

Zmarta has produced great content throughout the campaign and been committed to it, helping ensure that the collaboration has been successful.

Campaign material included fifteen different articles with 5–15 variations per article, along with images to suit each season.

Zmarta has also been active on the platform, working very tactically on the optimisation of its sites, offers and messages to achieve the best results.

Benefiting From Two Different Native Formats

Readpeak’s two different native advertising products, content native and product native, were used together. The content native’s purpose is to build trust in the brand and simply offer guidance and help for people to get better loan terms for themselves.

The product native, in turn, brings visitors directly to a form they can fill out.

This combination created excellent conditions for campaign collaboration.

Read more about the differences between content and product native here

Content native leads to article pages for a deeper reading experience and conversions.

The main focus has been on the content native format, where engaging articles increase confidence in Zmarta while educating the readers on how to provide themselves with better and safer finances.

Product Native leads readers directly to a form for comparing and searching for loans.


The product native format was used in the campaign simultaneously, but with emphasis on identifying and reaching those who are already further along their financial process and about to borrow money. When clicking, they end up directly on a form where they can compare loans and make a loan application if needed.

A few examples of the top performing ads:

One of Zmartan's top performing articles was "Borrowing Was Very Common in 2020"

A total of three native articles and six variations of these were created to drive visitor traffic to the content. The Readpeak platform optimises in real time which ad versions best drive traffic from which site and at what time. In this example, the best ad directed 12,354 readers to the article.

Average CTR: 2.58%

Average CTR in the best environment: 4.06%

Average CPC: 3.09 SEK

Average CPC in the best environment: 1.87 SEK

Another article we want to highlight is “Save 100,000 Swedish crowns with these tricks!”

A total of three native articles with 14 variations were created to drive visitor traffic to the content. The strength of the data-driven platform is in optimisation. Many ad versions are the key to taking full advantage of this and Zmarta clearly took note. In this example, the best ad directed 9,206 readers to read the article.

Average CTR: 2.02%

Average CTR in the best environment: 3.82%

Average CPC: 2.68 SEK

CPC in the best environment: 2.14 SEK

Thanks to Readpeak’s platform, we’ve got a wide reach and quality traffic. Our collaboration let us work dynamically with the budget and the material. Readpeak is a modern platform that has suited us perfectly.

Niklas Jansson CMO Zmarta Group

A very good result, but not yet at its peak

Average CPC: SEK 4.94

Average CTR: 0.43%

Best CPC on site: 2.04 SEK

Best article CTR on site: 6.76%

Best CTR on site: 3.99% (12,928 clicks)

Average CTR of optimised campaign: 0.15-0.45%

The numbers show that Zmarta’s campaign keeps improving. The CTR shows that Readpeak’s algorithms and machine learning help optimise better placements over time, thus generating a lower cost per reader.


Zmarta knows how to make an impact with its marketing. They work with native advertising in just the right way and make the best possible use of Readpeak’s platform.

Viewing collaboration in the long run also offers many advantages, such as the opportunity to try different ways to achieve the common goals we have agreed on.

This is a collaboration that works very well and the results only keep getting better.

We will continue on the course we have set and develop our collaboration with the zmart gang at Zmarta!

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