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Readpeak generated 10% more conversions than traffic coming to the site organically is Finland's leading online store for DIY home renovation, with a selection of more than 300,000 products from over 1000 diverse brands to fulfill decoration, bathroom, sauna, kitchen, yard and free-time renovation dreams.

Strategically reaching the target audience

On a daily basis Netrauta seeks to implement marketing strategies that enable it to reach its target audience. Among its strategies is offering interesting content about renovation and construction to interested Finns between the ages of 24 and 65. A successful strategy example is native advertising done in collaboration with well-known public figures.
For example, one campaign was implemented during the springtime bathroom and sauna renovation season when Netrauta’s store and website were running special deals on those products. In order to raise interest during the campaign, Netrauta cooperated with well-known Finns, like radio and TV host Sami Kuronen, whose wide audience reaches men and women of all ages.

Netrauta has chosen a native advertising strategy that takes into account the seasonality of its offerings (e.g. peak outdoors renovation season) with the end goal of inspiring people to make their house renovation dreams come true at the right moment.

How Netrauta started with Readpeak

After carefully evaluating other industry players, Netrauta chose Readpeak for its ease, high transparency and wide, premium media selection. Also the added value and support received from Readpeak in campaign planning and in platform usage helped seal the deal.

Other Acquisition Channels Used

The same campaign materials were simultaneously run on different social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The same materials were also shared via newsletter to current Netrauta customers.

Campaign Specifics

Campaign Objectives

To implement its native strategy with Readpeak, Netrauta built numerous campaigns with the following objectives:

  • Drive traffic to Netrauta's content pages and attract potential new customers
  • Increase brand awareness and activate existing customers
  • Increase interest in the different activities of construction and home renovation  through practical examples (i.e. how the object or site looked before and after the renovation)
  • Strengthen bottom-of-funnel marketing tactics (e.g. multi-channel remarketing)
  • Drive conversions 

Campaign Results

Overall, the key results obtained from its native campaigns were as follows:


Total Clicks: +40K
Average CPC: 0.34€
Average CTR: 0.82%
Budget: +10K€


The best-performing campaign was the one mentioned above with Sami Kuronen, which achieved the following results during the 28 days it ran:

Total Clicks: 4 977

Average CPC: 0.21 €

Average CTR: 2.01%

Budget: +1000 €

We are including native advertising in our own content strategy and are bringing it into our brand-building work. We believe that the best effects of native advertising come out in a long-term approach. We want to present our brand in a fresh and interesting way, for example, by collaborating with numerous well-known public figures.

Päivi Nieminen, CMO, Netrauta Oy / BHG Finland

Goals Achieved with Readpeak

Native advertising generated broad interest that resulted in a 98% increase in the number of visitors in relation to the number of impressions. The entertaining and inspiring content created in collaboration with strategic partners stunningly raised the average reading time to over 3 minutes.

Here are all of the main results data:

  • Readpeak generated a 3.3% increase in clicks than social media ads, using the same budget and creatives
  • Readpeak proved to be 8.96% more efficient at reaching new audiences than Facebook, making it an ideal choice for targeting specific groups
  • Readpeak generated 6 times longer time spent on site than Facebook, with an average time spent of 2:32 min.
  • The Readpeak campaign saw enormous results, with an average growth of new visitors by 582%.

Additionally, due to the quality of traffic generated by Readpeak’s campaigns, taking the Facebook campaign as the benchmark, these new visitors led to a 10% increase in conversions - representing a significant return on investment.

Overall, Netrauta met and even exceeded all the pre-campaign objectives and ended up being very satisfied with its results.

Final Thoughts

Native advertising is an effective way of raising interest and reaching interested users from traditional media. High-quality traffic to your own media brings business and supports the commercial role of other online channels. As a form of advertising, native advertising enables current and potential customers to be inspired in their everyday life.

 Readpeak  is a platform to reach your  target audience through  native advertising 

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readpeak - native annonsering


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