Driving Eyewear Engagement: Oogwereld's 75% Off Campaign

A Success Story with Oogwereld Nederland and DeepBlue Digital

Oogwereld, a renowned optical brand, aimed to drive traffic and engagement for their latest promotion: a 75% discount on the second pair of glasses. Partnering with DeepBlue Digital, a new agency to our platform, the campaign showcased the powerful synergy between strategic advertising and the advanced capabilities of Readpeak's programmatic native advertising platform.

Strategy and Execution

Campaign Details

DeepBlue Digital designed a campaign to highlight Oogwereld’s compelling offer: "Nu 75% korting op je tweede bril!*" The ads focused on attracting consumers with the promise of high-quality prescription glasses, including sunglasses, computer glasses, and sports glasses, at significant discounts. The call-to-action encouraged customers to "Maak nu een afspraak," driving them to a dedicated landing page with more details about the promotion.

Platform Utilisation

Leveraging Readpeak’s extensive network of premium sites in the Netherlands, DeepBlue Digital was able to strategically place native ads to reach a highly targeted audience in order to get as much qualitative traffic as possible. The platform's user-friendly interface allowed for seamless setup, real-time monitoring, and optimization, ensuring the campaign's effectiveness and efficiency.

Support from Local Team

Our local team provided invaluable support, offering site suggestions and hands-on assistance with the platform. Together (local team and DeepBlue Digital) we were able to setup the campaign towards maximal results, utilising the best possible media placements and optimization strategies.

Ad example from the campaing
"Readpeak's is easy to use and gives good results in CPC which makes it a very strong alternative for the big platforms. The platform is transparent towards sites and these can be cherry picked per campaign and even per ad-variation. Altogether the platform has triggered us to test more and do dive deeper into the value it can bring us on premium websites. This makes it a safe and innovative choice for our customers. In this day and age, with privacy and the depreciation of the cookie, the value for a strong CPC platform with only premium titles has increased.”

Jacob Schorer, Co-Founder DeepBlue Digital

Results and Impact

Impressive Performance Metrics

The campaign delivered outstanding results:

  • Best Ad Variation: Achieved a CTR of 0.32% and a CPC of €0.43
  • An eCPM of €4,06 defines also a strong reach as a side effect
  • Engagement: The average time spent on the landing page exceeded 2 minutes, indicating strong consumer interest and engagement.

Landing Page Success

The landing page content reinforced the promotional message:

  • Highlighted a 75% discount on the second pair of glasses, valid until June 1st.
  • Emphasised quality and service, ensuring customers that the second pair would meet the same high standards as the first.
  • Encouraged customers to take advantage of the offer by making an appointment.


The collaboration between Oogwereld, DeepBlue Digital, and Readpeak demonstrated the power of strategic native advertising. By effectively utilising Readpeak’s platform, DeepBlue Digital was able to deliver exceptional results for Oogwereld, driving traffic and engagement while maintaining cost efficiency. The success of this campaign not only highlights the potential of native advertising but also sets a strong foundation for future collaborations.

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