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Campaign name: 3201 | Risikotest

Time frame: 5.10.2022-28.2.2023

Total Impressions: 2.784.272

Average Time Spent on Site: 2:12 min 

Conversions with Readpeak: 7.628

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Readpeak and Diabetesforeningen Join Forces to Transform Diabetes Awareness in Denmark

Diabetesforeningen is a Danish NGO and patient organization, which is dedicated to fighting diabetes, raising awareness, early detection, and prevention. In order to drive their mission forward, they embarked on a national-scale marketing campaign with the specific goal of encouraging the Danish population to take an online risk test to assess their likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.

Diabetesforeningen adopted a multi-faceted approach, utilizing a variety of platforms such as Social Media, Google Advertising, TV commercials, and newsletters. However, they recognized the need to extend their reach beyond their primary audience, which is on Facebook. 

“Native advertising has been a key channel for Diabetesforeningen to reach new audiences, and not just focus on our main audience which is on Facebook. Through Readpeak’s native ads we were able to reach a broader audience, achieve our campaign goals, and make a tangible difference in the fight against diabetes. ” 

Pernille Kuntz Davidsen - Digital Marketing Consultant at Diabetesforeningen

The decision to integrate native advertising into Diabetsforeningen’s campaign was a strategic move driven by a host of compelling factors. At the heart of this decision was the recognition that native advertising holds a unique power to captivate and engage audiences. 

While various channels aim for attention, native advertising's ability to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding content of the media makes it a remarkably effective channel for delivering messages that resonate. To address this need, Diabetsforeningen turned to Readpeak, the premium native advertising platform in the Nordics. 

The decision to work with Readpeak was driven by several reasons. Firstly, Readpeak's self-service nature allowed Diabetsforeningen's marketing team to set up and monitor campaigns independently. The flexibility provided by not having fixed budgets enabled them to optimize and change direction as needed. They appreciated the platform's data-driven approach, as it allowed them to base their efforts and decisions on actual results and conversions rather than relying solely on reach and clicks.

The Readpeak Campaign KPIs were: 

  • CTR: to measure the effectiveness of ad placements in driving traffic to the Diabetsforeningen's information page.
  • CPC: to evaluate the campaign's efficiency in terms of cost per click generated.
  • CPA: to assess the cost-effectiveness of the 'Risk Test' execution, focusing on the cost per test completed.

Example of Diabetsforeningen's native ad on TV2

Diabetsforeningen's Readpak Ads: A Game-Changer in Diabetes Awareness

The Diabetsforeningen's Readpak Ads facilitated thousands of individuals to complete the online test. Through the collaboration with Readpeak, Diabetsforeningen achieved remarkable results: the native advertising campaign facilitated 7,628 individuals to complete the online risk test, exceeding the campaign’s expectations. This success was instrumental in raising awareness in Denmark about diabetes and educating people to seek medical assistance when necessary.

Example of Diabetesforeningen's Readpeak Ads

Readpeak is a perfect platform for companies and organizations that are fast-paced, and data-driven. You can see instant results, optimize, and make changes according to your company goals. It is unlike any other native advertising setup

Pernille Kuntz Davidsen - Digital Marketing Consultant at Diabetsforeningen

The power of Native Advertising in raising awareness about Diabetes, an important health issue.

By effectively utilizing data-driven optimizations and strategic placements, Diabetsforeningen succeeded in its mission to raise awareness about Diabetes 2 and encourage Danes to take the Risk Test, ultimately making a significant impact on public health in Denmark. What played a crucial role in the native campaign’s success is that, as the campaign progressed, adjustments were made and the Readpeak machine learning optimized the campaign quickly and effectively. 

Overall, the campaign’s team analyzed the data regularly and refined the right native strategy to maintain momentum.

Data from the Readpeak Dashboard

  • The Readpeak’s ads CTR (Red Line) increased by 83% from the first month (October) to the last one (January), indicating the effective automatic optimization based on Machine Learning;
  • The CPC (Turquoise columns) decreased by 46%, demonstrating that the Readpeak ads definitely found the right target audience,
  • The CVR (Green line) increased from 31% to 47%,
  • The CPA (Yellow line) decreased by 61%, showcasing that by building the Readpeak Campaign the right way it is possible to drive high post-click value.


The power of Native Advertising in raising awareness about an important health issue

By harnessing the power of native advertising and leveraging Readpeak's platform, they were able to reach a broad audience, achieve their campaign goals, and make a tangible difference in the fight against diabetes. The data revealed that in the national overall campaign, 10,000 participants were identified with prediabetes, enabling early intervention and lifestyle adjustments. Additionally, 2,000 participants were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, highlighting the campaign's impact on detecting and addressing the disease.

The addition of native advertising proved to be a strategic and effective approach for Diabetesforeningen, and they will be using Readpeak for similar initiatives in the future. 

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