Case Study: Suomen Meripelastusseura (Finnish Lifeboat Institution)

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Suomen Meripelastusseura (Finnish Lifeboat Institution) is a central organization for voluntary maritime and lake rescue associations, dedicated to assisting boaters in distress on the coast and inland waters. Through the Trossi membership service, boating members receive assistance even in non-emergency situations.

In the spring of 2024, the Finnish Lifeboat Institution launched a Trossi membership acquisition campaign aimed at increasing awareness of Trossi membership among boaters and growing the number of Trossi members cost-effectively through digital marketing. A key component of this campaign was native advertising purchased through Readpeak, demonstrating its effectiveness in membership acquisition for volunteer organizations.

Campaign Strategy and Execution

Strategic Planning and Implementation

During the planning phase, the Finnish Lifeboat Institution, on the recommendation of their marketing communications freelance expert, Jani Alanen, decided to use Readpeak's native advertising platform to reach boat owners. Native advertising via Readpeak was chosen for its ability to reach a broad and engaged audience across various media channels, as well as for its ease of use and targeted advertising efficiency.

Jani Alanen, the marketing communications freelancer, commented on the strategy: "I recommended integrating native advertising through Readpeak's platform into the campaign because it allowed us to precisely target audiences interested in boating safety and likely to support maritime rescue operations. The platform's analytics tools enabled real-time campaign optimization, improving ROI."

Content and Execution

For the campaign, several articles detailing the benefits of Trossi membership were created for the Finnish Lifeboat Institution's website. The native ads highlighted boaters' experiences with Trossi membership and how it can assist in situations such as mechanical breakdowns. These ads directed readers from reputable Finnish online media to a dedicated landing page where they could learn more about Trossi and join through an easy-to-use form.

Ad example from the campaing

"Through this campaign, we have not only increased our membership but also strengthened our position as an important player in boating safety across Finland. We will definitely continue to utilize Readpeak and its versatile purchasing system in our marketing development and native advertising in the future."

Sadri Wirzenius, Communications Manager of the Finnish Lifeboat Institution

Campaign Results

The campaign achieved its goals at an excellent level within just two months. Analytics installed for campaign tracking demonstrated that native advertising significantly increased awareness of Suomen Meripelastusseura's activities among relevant target audiences. The website traffic of Suomen Meripelastusseura increased by 125% during the campaign, compared to the campaign conducted at a similar time previously in other channel, and engagement with advertising in other channels also improved significantly thanks to the native advertisings campaing trough Readpeak. The average reading time for articles was 52 seconds according to Google Analytics, with a CPC of €0.67 (below market average) and a CTR of 0.51%.


The Finnish Lifeboat Institution's campaign showcases the power of strategic native advertising in driving engagement and membership growth. By leveraging Readpeak's platform, the organization effectively reached and educated its target audience, resulting in a 125% increase in website traffic and significant improvements in engagement metrics. The collaboration with marketing communications expert Jani Alanen ensured precise targeting and real-time optimization, ultimately delivering impressive ROI. This case underscores the value of native advertising for non-profit organizations aiming to enhance awareness and support through digital channels.

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