BMW - From a local test campaign to a Nordic Always On collaboration

The Opportunity for a successful collaboration

BMW is a German multinational manufacturer, and one of the largest and well known brands in the luxury vehicles industry. Recently, the brand has focused on implementing its strategy in a customised way for each region.

How BMW started with Readpeak 

BMW's Nordics has set the goals of increasing brand awareness, as well as the number of test drives booked, and the price requests for customised cars.

In order to achieve these results, they wanted to implement Native Advertising into their Nordic's strategy, and consequently, the brand was looking for a partner for their always-on content distribution set up in the Nordics.

Initially, their plan was to test from 5 to 10 different platforms, including Readpeak and, after 3 to 6 months of testing, Readpeak became the chosen partner they were looking for, specifically thanks to the premium traffic that the platform was able to deliver to BMW’s content, but also for the possibility to handpick the media placement, and the high transparency that distinguishes the platform from other players in the market. 

Between the most extraordinary results, there is the fact that Readpeak performed more than 50% better than other platforms in the tests.

Examples of BMW's Native Ads live on Affärs Världen and Dagens PS

BMW’s Overall Results

Thanks to Readpeak, BMW was able to conduct real time A/B testing of different Ad Variations from the same placement, and this allowed the company to detect 47% better CTR from one Ad to another.

Additionally, the Readpeak pixel was in place, so they could track super precise time-spending in specific media, and set conversion goals to their campaigns to track them directly from the Readpeak dashboard

Combined with all these technical aspects, undoubtedly the turning point was the powerful content that BMW was using for its native campaigns. In fact, considering their ultimate goals, they built a very interactive page to allow all the readers to create their dream car and make an offer request for it.

Thanks to this creative initiative that was a key part of their strategy, BMW could overall see extremely good time spent on the landing page. 

By choosing high-quality sites along with smaller specialty niche sites, the campaign had a wide scope and reached the right target group.
The top performing sites: Aftonbladet, Realtid, Affärsvärlden, VG, Dagbladet, Ekstrabladet, Fodboldnyheder, Iltalehti and Iltasanomat.

Campaign Information

Here are some examples of BMW's successful Readpeak native campaigns and their annual data:

BMW iX - The electric car that catches the eye

Time Frame: Jan 2022- Dec 2022

Geo Targeting: Sweden

Impressions: 27 641 883

Total Clicks:
117 756

Average CTR:

Average CPC: 
5.65 SEK

Best avg CTR on site: 3.14% on Dagensps

Brand new BMW XM – For those who want to stand out

Time Frame: Jan 2022- Dec 2022

Geo Targeting: Norway

Impressions: 14 187 224

Total Clicks:
61 049

Average CTR:

Average CPC: 
7.48 NOK

Best avg CTR on site: 1.26% on VG

BMW i7 - This is not just a car. It's a lifestyle

Time Frame:
Jan 2022- Dec 2022

Geo Targeting: Denmark

Impressions: 15 084 780

Total Clicks:
60 548

Average CTR:
0.40 %

Average CPC:
 3.59 DKK

Best avg CTR on site: 2.12% on Fodboldnyheder

BMW iX – When the present and the future meet

Time Frame: Jan 2022- Dec 2022

Geo Targeting: Finland

Impressions: 8 792 877

Total Clicks:
33 640

Average CTR:

Average CPC:
 0,62 €

Best avg CTR on site: 1.1% on Iltalehti

When we use Readpeak's platform, we see unprecedented effectiveness and quality, which means that we now use it in our always-on strategy in the Nordics

Joakim Dahlgren Performance Marketing Manager - BMW Northern Europe

Goals Achieved with Readpeak

With Readpeak BMW can see the effect in the numbers all the way to booked test drives and getting the price requests for customised cars.

Readpeak’s pixel is in place as well, so we can see extremely good Time Spent on our content page as well which indicates that we definitely find our target group.

"The overall collaboration with Readpeak is excellent. In addition to the good results, the process of managing our campaigns is really appreciated and well thought out. Everything from content updates, data reporting and follow-ups now works very well and makes it a lot easier for us."

Final Thoughts

Readpeak as a platform gives flexibility with material and budget, offering a great collaboration environment to all its partners. This is directly reflected in the results that in this case BMW achieved in the number of test drives booked and  request of individual quote to buy the customised car.

In summary, the collaboration was a success in which all parties contributed in the best way. The campaigns went “by the book” with content and technology optimally interacting together along with good collaboration among the parties involved. We look forward to continuing to work with BMW’s content and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with native programmatic advertising.

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