Benecol and Dentsu Empowering Health Awareness

A Collaborative Success Story

In the realm of native advertising, strategic planning and platform capabilities are instrumental in driving impactful campaigns. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Dentsu, known for its strategic planning expertise, and Readpeak, a programmatic native advertising platform, in empowering health awareness and driving brand engagement for Benecol.

About Benecol: Benecol is a leading brand known for its range of cholesterol-lowering products, including spreads, yogurts, and drinks. These products contain plant stanol ester, which is proven to reduce cholesterol levels, helping to improve heart health. Benecol's mission is to provide effective and easy solutions for people to manage their cholesterol and lead healthier lives

Strategy and Execution


Dentsu approached Readpeak with a pivotal challenge: to devise a robust native advertising strategy for Benecol aimed at educating consumers about the health risks associated with high cholesterol. The objective was twofold: drive traffic to Benecol's website while fostering brand affinity and trust among consumers.


Drawing upon dentsu’s deep understanding of consumer behaviour and market dynamics, the collaborative approach centred around:

  • Strategic Insight: The agency's expertise informed the development of a comprehensive native advertising strategy tailored to Benecol's objectives and target audience.
  • Platform Facilitation: Readpeak's platform provided the infrastructure and tools necessary for seamless campaign execution, enabling real-time monitoring and optimization to enhance performance and efficiency.


The campaign was carried out with precision and skill. Native ads were strategically placed on selected sites to deliver impactful messaging to consumers, while dentsu's adept management ensured continuous optimization and fine-tuning.

Average CTR: 1,04%

Average Time Spent on site: 4min 6s

"Collaborating with Dentsu and Readpeak has been instrumental in achieving our goals of promoting health awareness for Benecol. The strategic planning expertise provided by Dentsu, coupled with Readpeak's platform capabilities, enabled us to execute a successful campaign that exceeded expectations. We look forward to continued collaboration on future initiatives."

Benecol Marketing Team

Results and Impact

The collaborative efforts yielded remarkable results:

  • Sustained Traffic Generation: The campaign generated a consistent flow of high-quality traffic to Benecol's website, with over 40,000 clicks, enabling consumers to access valuable health information and engage with the brand.
  • Enhanced Brand Perception: By consistently delivering relevant content, Benecol established itself as a trusted authority in the health and wellness domain, fostering positive brand associations among consumers. The average time spent on the website was over 2.5 minutes, indicating strong engagement with the content.
  • Optimized Performance: Leveraging Dentsu's strategic planning capabilities and Readpeak's platform capabilities, the campaign achieved cost-efficient pricing and maximized ROI. The average CTR exceeded 0.9%, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in capturing consumer interest and driving traffic.


The success of the campaign underscores the symbiotic relationship between strategic planning and platform capabilities. By leveraging Dentsu’s strategic insight and expertise in campaign operations, in tandem with Readpeak's facilitation of impactful native advertising campaigns, the collaborative effort achieved tangible results in empowering health awareness and driving brand engagement for Benecol.

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