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Tips For Launching Native Ads: Keep These 6 In Mind

Native advertising platforms enable advertisers to create ads that appear on a specific website alongside its organic content. Social media networks are an excellent example of this kind of content because they display advertisements that blend in with the organic posts in their news feeds. 

As the popularity of this type of advertising grows, an increasing number of advertisers and agencies are hiring professionals to develop their native advertising strategy. Before deciding which advertising platform to use, you should consider some of the key features that distinguish the different platforms, such as partner relationship, targeting, testing, etc.

However, while each platform has its own set of best practices and functions, they all adhere to the same set of guidelines for a successful approach. It can be overwhelming to make sure you are all set before launching your next campaign. To help, we've compiled a list of essential factors for you to consider before launching a native ad campaign. Take a moment to understand them so that your efforts will be more fruitful. 

1. Determine your objectives


Don't make the mistake of not defining your objectives until after you have hit the "launch" button. Instead, carefully determine your goals. They will be the foundation of your campaign and the results you can achieve.  Every type of company has its own goal. B2B companies are frequently looking for increased engagement and conversions. On the other hand, B2C companies' goals are often concerned with raising awareness of their brand and their product or service. So what's your goal? Think about what you want to achieve with native advertising. 

It can be building brand awareness around your business or new product, increasing conversions, or perhaps you just want to test the efficiency of native ads.  Whatever your goal is, double-check that you have crafted a campaign in line with your objectives. 

2. Target accurately and keep tracking 

Each platform has its own set of targeting parameters. Use them wisely and base your parameters on the following:

  • your type of business
  • your campaign type
  • your campaign goals
  • KPIs
  • budget

Furthermore, keep in mind that identifying your "perfect" target audience can take some time and research. It's crucial for the success of your campaigns to monitor each variant's performance and make adjustments as needed.  With Readpeak, you can pick which publisher your native ads will appear in. From there, you can segment your audience to target specific segments within that website—for example, Business & Finance, Automotive, Healthy Living etc. Have you used this advanced targeting setting? With a few clicks, you can build the most accurate audiences, make changes while the campaign is up and running, and even test against different kinds of segments. 

3. Give creativity a meaningful role and build effective ads 

When it comes to native advertising, it's vital to distinguish your content from the spammy clickbait articles that are constantly looking for impressions to generate ad revenue.  If you're reading this, our guess is that you're not interested in using clickbait to engage an audience. Instead, you'll be more drawn to devoting a significant portion of your strategy to developing graphical content that resonates with readers.

To do this successfully, we recommend that you optimise your native creative elements, like images, to elicit emotions from your audience. For native advertising, pictures without overlayed text typically perform best. Likewise, images with text generally perform less well and could actually decrease the CTR of your campaign. 

Pro tip: To make sure that your native ads will run and look great on all sites and publications, we recommend using the standard native size of 1200x628 

4. Talk about pertinent and recent topics 

We can't stress this enough, but we always remind our advertisers that their content will appear next to articles from experienced journalists. These writers know precisely how to craft headlines that drive readers to click on their articles and keep them engaged. 

If you create irrelevant content, remember that publications will place it next to their high-quality articles. If your native ads can't engage your readers, your campaign will be ineffective. As a result, it's critical to create only high-quality, relevant content so that your readers have a positive experience. Furthermore, you should use content that is relevant to the type of audience you are targeting to get the best results from your campaign. 

Be concise and consistent, tell a story, and keep your call-to-action in mind at all times. What exact action do you want your readers to take? Think about it and craft your content to push them toward that goal.

Pro tip: Use numbers in your headlines. They will give your audience the impression that your content is exact and concise. 

5. Testing is king 

Continuously measuring the behavior of the readers you want to target will allow you to research and identify a good midpoint between what you want to advertise and what your readers are interested in. There is always a testing component in marketing and advertisements that allows you to analyze and modify your campaigns consistently. A/B testing for constant experimentation and KPI optimisation is one of the most successful forms of testing. 

With Readpeak, you can test as many landing pages and ad variations as you want. We recommend testing at least 2-3 articles and 3 to 5 ad variations at the beginning. 

6. Trust the Readpeak Algorithm

The best part of the Readpeak algorithm is that it starts working the minute you launch your campaign. However, don't rush your campaigns. Instead, give them time to perform and then analyze the results of your tests.

As you better understand the market, you will notice some changes and adjustments to the strategy throughout the campaign. When you reach this level of comprehension, creating and launching new campaigns will become easier and more intuitive. 


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