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6 Ways To Optimise Your Native Advertising Campaign

You’ve begun a Native Advertising campaign, and you’ve gathered some results. Your ads have been performing “OK”, but you can’t help but feel that you could be getting better results. If this sounds familiar, then this is the blog post for you. 

We’ve asked our native advertising experts at Readpeak to put together a list of their most effective ways to optimise your campaign. So read on, and you can begin to unleash the power of native advertising campaigns for your product or service!

1. Define Your Campaign Goal and KPIs

Before you begin to look at any data, you should define your goal. This is really important as it will affect the kind of ad you’ll run. Figure out if you want to:

  • Increase Your Web Traffic
  • Generate More Leads
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Specific conversion on website

...or any other goal you want to reach. 

Without setting a clearly defined marketing goal, you won’t know what to measure. 

At Readpeak, we recommend setting SMART goals for your native advertising campaign.

Specific: Outline specific goals for your campaign. Make sure your objective is clear because this will dictate the format of your ad. Different goals might require different ad formats and creative content.

Measurable: Understand which KPI’s you need to measure to determine the campaign success. Sales revenue, cost per qualified lead or site traffic, whichever it is, know your goal and know how to measure it. Understanding if your campaign paid off or not is important to stakeholders too. So finding the proper KPI to measure success is vital. 

Achievable: Aiming for the stars is a great attitude, but you need to be realistic. When you’re setting your digital marketing campaign objective, consider whether it’s genuinely possible. 

Relevant: Don’t lose sight of why you’re here. Start with considering your business objectives and then build a suitable marketing campaign to help you achieve them. 

Time-bound: Set a deadline for your campaign objectives, then work out a schedule for when to measure your results. This data can then be compared against past or future results. 

Using SMART goals is vital for digital marketing. A focused, data-driven approach is a great way to know you are on the right track and meeting your business objectives.

2. Target the Right Audience

Optimise your campaign by targeting the right audience. By now, you should have an idea of the demographic that you want to interest in your product or service. Instead of potentially putting your product in front of the wrong audience, advertise on the websites or media outlets your target market uses.

Research and build a list of any media that matches your target audience or industry. Make the most out of each impression by ensuring they fit your demographic. This is particularly important if you have a niche product or service. 

At Readpeak, we take a lot of the guesswork out of this process by helping you target specific audience interests. You can choose between audience segments or even particular publications. You can also target consumers by geographic locations or cities. 

To get the best results, sit back and let our machine learning algorithms do the work of getting your advertising in front of your ideal consumers. They outperform humans consistently, so we’d recommend you try it out.

3. Forget About A/B Testing, Start Doing A/B/C... Testing

A/B testing is all well and good, but to truly get an idea of what ads are connecting with your audience, try as many variations as possible. Advertising involves a considerable amount of trial and error, and sometimes the ad format you think will work doesn’t engage the audience.

However, a tweak in wording or tone or a change in the headline can all have a dramatic effect on your click-through rate, likewise with altering the visual content or using different media. You should look to adjust your native ads until you get them just right. 

At Readpeak, you can choose unlimited versions of the advertisement to test out. Then, run the numbers, and choose the best performing one, or make some further adjustments. 

You’ll soon get a feel for what your prospective audience likes or doesn’t like.

Our Platform automatically tests different versions of an ad and ad groups, based on our machine learning, to always get the best result for your Native Advertising campaigns. 

For example, take our case study for BMW. The campaign selected three different articles that appealed to a broad target audience but contained perspectives that addressed specific target groups of car enthusiasts. By choosing high-quality sites along with smaller speciality niche sites, the campaign had a wide scope and reached the right target group. Thanks to A/B/C testing, the third article's CPC price was even 9.1 times lower than the market average price.

4. Adjust Your Bid On High Converting Sites

Each media outlet will set its own “floor price”. At Readpeak, we will always show you if you are below this floor price, so you can adjust to the specific site that brings success.

By analysing your conversion metrics, you can see which sites perform well and which ones will be worth setting a higher bid for. A high converting site is an indication that you are hitting your target market, so it’s worth increasing your price to optimise your clicks.

To get your click-through rate (CTR) as high as possible, add different variations, or modify the existing ones. 

5. Modify Your Landing Page and Your Advertisement

Another big tip is to make sure your ad and your landing page work well together. 

Does the ad reflect the style of your landing page? What about the font and the messaging? Make sure your ad is consistent and coherent with your website.

For example, if you run an ad that has an educational look, make sure the landing page matches the feel and tone. Audiences don’t like those kinds of surprises. Additionally, keep your ad as genuine as possible. Don’t disappoint your audience by making big promises in the ad and failing to deliver on the landing page. 

Your landing page is very important and will hopefully have been through some A/B/C testing already. Try to get it matched up with your ad so that it feels seamless when the consumer clicks through. A consistent tone and messaging feels professional and enhances credibility.

6. Apply This Strategy: Content Native Ads Campaign With Product Native Retargeting Campaigns

If you are reading this article, you’ve probably already done some native advertising campaigns and you're looking for tips and tricks about optimising them. Well, this strategy is what you are looking for. The Readpeak team has been using this with some of our clients like Zmarta Group.

Zmarta Group’s strategy works by combining two of Readpeaks different native advertising products — Content Native and Product Native — to optimise their campaign. 

Content Native can be used to build trust and brand awareness and provide information about your product or service.

Product Native is used as an add-on format when you can direct the visitor directly to your form. This is perfect for webinar promotions, events, or increasing your conversions on a landing page.

Our team of experts at Readpeak recommend combining a Content Native ad camping in the TOFU to establish your presence and reach as many people as possible. Then use a product native RETA campaign to boost your conversions.


Because all campaigns are different, there is no magic unique recipe for optimising your specific native advertising campaign. You can try one or two of our tips and have a successful campaign, or sometimes you might need to apply all of the six to maximise results. 

The key to an excellent digital marketing campaign is to know what it is you want to achieve. This will keep you focused on the metrics that matter. 

Our team of experts in Readpeak always say that the best strategy is to be creative with your advertisement. Even if you have the best platform and a killer strategy, your campaign will struggle if your content is weak. This is something that applies not just in native advertising but in marketing in general. 

Another tip from our team is to be persistent. The best way to gather the data you need to optimise your campaign and create engaging campaigns is to have “always-on” content. Everyone wants to see quick results, but some campaigns need a little time. If you’re going to build brand awareness and results that last, you’ll need a persistent campaign.

Of course, for organisations working on a smaller budget, “always-on” might not be an option. That’s why Readpeak is the right platform for you!

It’s 100% free to use, with no fixed monthly or additional fees. We invoice you based on your budget spend, which is based on cost per clicks CPC.

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