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Native Advertising Campaigns Made Easy: Debunking The Complexity Myth

If you’re part of a marketing or advertising team, you’ll be familiar with the sense of apprehension that sets in when you’re about to embark on a new marketing campaign. There’s budgetary pressure; you’re trying to pull a lot of disparate groups together, there are so many metrics to keep track of — to put it simply, running a new Native Advertising campaign can seem like a lot of work.

Each new marketing campaign contains several moving parts that can cause its own set of challenges, and a Native Advertising campaign is no exception.

  • How to set up a campaign, measuring the right things and presenting the data in a clear way to the team and the client? 
  • You want your ads to look their best across each platform, you’ll need to optimise them or make visual adjustments for each app or service, so the content looks just right. Is there an easier way to achieve this? 
  • A new campaign typically requires collaboration between the marketing team and creative team, especially in Covid times. Is there a better way to co-create the native campaigns remotely? 

Ideally, you’ll also want to have the capability to run A/B tests to know which aspects of your content are performing well and where. But that level of detail isn’t always easily available in all platforms.

Also lack of transparency can be challenging and it's not always apparent on what sites your campaign is running.  Are the impressions being seen by humans or in the worst case, how much of your traffic numbers emanate from some shady clickfarm on the other side of the world?

Solving Your Native Ads Campaign Problems

Do those problems sound familiar to you?

Readpeak was built to create smart and effective native campaigns, with a setup and UX that make sense for your marketing team and agency.

Here are 7 ways it will make your native advertising campaigns much easier: 

1. Clear and Fast UX

A clear and easy-to-use UX means that you can set up campaigns no matter the level of your expertise. It’s intuitive and easy to navigate, with all of the relevant buttons right where you need them. But it’s not just a great layout and visibly appealing style that makes this a platform that advertisers love, we’ve also made it straightforward to add your content through seamlessly uploading pictures or linking to URLs.

Editing how your ads appear is easy, with plenty of tips to ensure the content looks great when consumers are scrolling through their feeds or news sites. Additionally, you can quickly make variations of ads for each campaign along with a whole host of other features.

2.Choose The Most Relevant Publisher

If you want to get the most from your advertising budget, you need to target the segments that are most interested in your product or service. Because we partner with over 1000 premium news sites and publishers, you can make sure that you are visible to your demographic!

Our platform will recommend you segments relevant to your product or service, or let you manually select them. But you can also get granular with your reach by targeting specific regions or individual publishers, with an option to cap your CPC or weekly spend for each outlet.

Another great feature is our retargeting option, which leverages the users past intent — like their abandoned shop carts or previous interest in yours or similar products and services — and makes sure to remind them of your product. This is a great way to generate more qualified leads!

3. Automatic Bidding / Budget Optimisation

One of the biggest ad campaign headaches for marketers is feeling positive that your advertising money is being well spent. Our platforms campaign settings let you cycle between continuous or limited campaigns, and set your spending limits.

You can choose to run your campaign within a set amount of time, or set daily, weekly, or lifetime budget limits. CPC bidding is easy too, with options to set it at whatever level you are comfortable with. Lastly, the estimated clicks feature can give you an idea of how much traffic — and spending — you’re likely to hit.

4. Great Ad Campaign Analytics

Tracking campaign performance is easy to do from the dashboard. You can measure each native ad’s effectiveness by viewing its different iterations, budget, and metrics for each publication. These analytics can be used during the campaign to concentrate your efforts on the channels that are producing the best results. 

Pulling up the number of impressions, clicks and click-through-rates can give you an excellent idea of how your budget is being spent. Knowing what is happening in the campaign while it's live gives you the best chance of making on-the-fly alterations or changes that save a faltering campaign or drive home even better results.

5. Move Your Data to Other Platforms 

Because you’ll have access to all of your campaigns raw data, you can choose to move it all to an analytic platform of your choice. If you or your team uses Adform, Double Click, Google DataStudio, or another DPM platform, you can still push your campaign metrics to these outlets and analyse your metrics from there.

Many of these platforms are excellent for showcasing your campaign’s results, but RealPeak can provide the backend to these graphs and pie charts by ensuring you have the most accurate and actionable metrics available.

6. A/B test different ad variations

It can be hard to predict which ads will resonate with consumers until they go live. A/B testing of different ads is necessary to fine-tune your native advertising campaigns and increase your conversions. Running your campaign through our platform gives you the agility to make the changes anytime and run the A/B tests yourself, without needing someone in the middle.

7. Great Conversion Tracking

UTM links are fantastic for tracking the performance of your content and campaigns. Within our platform, you can employ these pieces of code to drive robust tracking with Google Analytics. Understanding your traffic source — right down to individual news sites and audiences — can give you unique insights into which consumer profile converts best, which demographic relates to your brand or which updates or content is working. 

You can enable UTM parameters inside our platform when you start your campaign, giving you a clear idea of where your conversions are coming from.

Improve Your Conversions with ReadPeak

Advertisers are catching up with the potential of native advertising as it continues to grow year-on-year. This is in part because of the incredible results it gets. While Facebook can drive a vast amount of traffic, the quality of that traffic is laid bare when you consider that Native Advertising has higher conversion rates than Facebook.

To underline this point, take a read of this case study involving Finnish cancer hospital Docrates. ReadPeak outperformed their Facebook appointments by ten times, with page visits almost 50% better than both Facebook and another native advertising competitor. Additionally, the overall conversion rate was 2.5 better than Facebook traffic — which is a good demonstration of our platform’s power.

Did you know this about Readpeak?

  • The ReadPeak platform is free of charge, you can start using it by register below
  • You pay only for the actual clicks and the price can be as low as €0.12 per click (prices €0.1-2.0)
  • It takes 15 minutes to create a campaign
  • You can follow the campaign statistics in real-time
  • You can target the advertising based on the readers’ interests
  • Targeting according to the geolocation
  • Possibility to create conversion goals for the campaign
  • See the readers’ media-specific reading times
  • You can place your content on hundreds of different quality medias’ webpage.

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