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7 Ways to Boost Native Advertising starting from Social Media content

Get ready to boost your advertising strategy! In this digital age, it's no secret that native advertising has soared in popularity among marketers.

And for good reason: it offers unparalleled reach at competitive rates and high engagement—making it the ideal complement for search and social ad campaigns.

Native advertising is the art of creating content that mimics the style and tone of the site where it appears—so much so that readers might not even realise they're looking at an ad! It's an effective way to reach your target audience because they feel like you're giving them what they want rather than trying to sell them something.

For marketers who already use social media advertising, native campaigns are a natural extension of your existing efforts, but it's important to get the strategy right.

In this blog post, we'll explore the world of native ads and share seven ways to leverage your social media content for native advertising success!

Why Native Advertising?

Get this: social ad spend is actually on the decline, but there's good news! Native ads placed in editorial contexts are proving to be a game-changer, providing abundant opportunities to interact with desired audiences on a more extensive scale—unlike the limitations of closed social platforms.

In other words, consumers trust native ads more than social ads, resulting in increased conversions and revenue. In fact, according to IAB Europe, a whopping 80% of news consumers report that seeing ads alongside news content actually increases brand trust. If you've been thinking about diversifying your advertising game, native advertising is the way to go.

Seven Ways to Get Started

Looking to take your social media campaigns to the next level? Don't be intimidated by the prospect of adapting your social ads for native channels. There are plenty of practical tips and tools to help you seamlessly integrate your content across platforms.

  1. Start with What Works: Use your social media analytics to identify your top-performing posts and the themes that resonate with your audience. Then, use these insights as inspiration to create your native ad copy and visuals.
  2. Create a Strategy for Native Content: Use your social media data to develop goals for native ads that complement your content's themes and topics. This will help you create a cohesive native ad experience for your audience.
  3. Utilise the Power of Social Media Influencers: Consider featuring influencers you've worked with on social media in your native ads to leverage their credibility and reach. Check out this case study for inspiration: Netrauta, a Finnish company, strategically integrated with native its partnerships with popular influencers to expand its reach and visibility, connect with key demographic groups, and achieve impressive conversion rates.
  4. Optimise Targeting Parameters: While social media and native ads targeting parameters differ, you can still tailor your native ad targeting to reach the right audience. Focus on segments to improve your performance marketing results.
  5. Create a Holistic Native Ad Campaign Using SM Content: Use a series of social media posts centred around a theme or topic to create a comprehensive native ad campaign. Reinforce your message by utilising consistent visuals and messaging across both channels.
  6. Utilise Tools to Manage and Enhance Your Native Ads: Managing native ads can be challenging, but various tools can streamline the process. Platforms like Readpeak provide user-friendly interfaces for creating and managing native ad campaigns, offering insights into campaign performance, including engagement rates and conversions, and optimising campaigns in real-time.
  7. Customise Your Content for Native Ads: While repurposing social media content is a great starting point, remember that native ads have different requirements than social media platforms. Make sure you adjust your content to fit the length and image size limitations of native ads to ensure it has the most significant impact on your audience.

Remember that the key to creating an impactful ad experience is to ensure your images and copy work together seamlessly. So, choose visuals that complement your copy and help tell your brand story in a way that resonates with your target audience.

How Native Ads Should Look Like

To successfully integrate your social media content with native ads, adapting your creatives for the new platform is crucial. However, simply copying and pasting your social ads won't cut it. You need to customise your copy, images, videos, and landing pages to ensure they resonate with your audience on publisher sites.

Start by shortening your titles, descriptions, and CTAs to fit the space constraints of native ads. Choose a tone that aligns with the publisher's voice and avoid overly promotional language. And don't forget to set user expectations for their post-click experience, as this can help increase engagement and conversions.

Social media ads often feature polished and glamorous images, whereas native ads perform better with more authentic and relatable visuals. To ensure your images are effective on native platforms, simplify and resize them to fit the smaller ad space. You can check the size guidelines for your native ads with Readpeak.

Optimising Your Campaigns for Better Results

To improve performance and reach your advertising goals, it's essential to test and optimise your native campaigns. Following these best practices will help you get the most out of your campaigns:

  • Begin by testing multiple ad variations and comparing their performance
  • Continuously refine your targeting parameters based on the results
  • Use data to make real-time adjustments to your campaign
  • Concentrate on the metrics that align with your business goals
  • Track and measure the impact of your ads on your overall business results
  • Consider running A/B tests to compare different landing pages or ad elements
  • Utilise tools like Readpeak Dashboard to track and analyse campaign performance

To wrap it up, native advertising is an incredibly powerful tool for advertisers looking to expand their reach and boost conversions. By leveraging existing social media content for native ads, advertisers can save valuable time and resources while still achieving their marketing goals.

Remember this: the secret to successful native ads is crafting content that feels authentic and organic to the platform it appears on. With a carefully planned and executed native advertising strategy, advertisers can connect with their target audience in a seamless and genuine way, resulting in higher engagement rates and better overall performance.

So get out there and start experimenting with native ads to see how they can take your advertising efforts to new heights!

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