Programmatic Native

Bring the bidding and buying processes into campaign optimization

Sell smarter Native programmatically

ReadPeak gives you the flexibility to sell accordingly to your strategic and client needs. This includes both private marketplaces, real-time bidding, guarantied deals or selling network wide.

Dynamic RTB

Dynamic RTB (Real Time Bidding) gives the value to the seller. Buyers bid in a dynamic e-CPM based on content performance in specific media environments.

Buyers receive real-time data on campaign performance that we convert to smart bidding decision making in their bidding process.

Buying models

CPC Guaranteed

Sell specific premium target medias with fixed CPC prices. 

Dynamic RTB

Sell CPC or CPM based RTB and use campaign performance algorithms to trigger higher yield. 

Network pricing

Offer network wide inventory and sell at scale to your target audience with RTB pricing models.

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