"Empowering ad networks to make native advertisement a rapidly growing source of revenue"

Our platform is designed for digital ad networks to scale both direct-sold and programmatic native advertisement

Leading the way for programmatic Native

Always get the highest e-CPM for inventory

  • Our dynamic RTB optimizes always the highest e-CPM for publisher’s inventory using data targeting rules and algorithms on top of RTB auction methods.
  • Increases inventory value up to 4 times
Programmatic Sales

Smart Native ad-units

Readpeak's native ad-units recognize the level of demand and can optimize value growth on the go. Our native technology is built to be solid, flexible and fast to deploy.

  • Create seamless and responsive Native Ad-units with our developer-kit
  • Our dynamic Native Ad-units are flexible to work in any environment and form.
Native Ad tech

Never lose content control in your network

Keep full control on all native content before it goes live via our built-in content approval system.

  • Approve all clients, campaign plans and content before it goes live
  • Send direct in-platform messages to clients or agencies (no emails)
ApproVAL System

Track insightful data and monitor everything at a glimpse

Our built-in live performance dashboard for publishers gives you insightful data to validate and develop your business and strategy.

  • Monitor live performance per Native ad-unit and medias.
  • Access clear performance and revenue reporting

Intuitive Native Campaign tool for ad networks

Run Native campaigns smarter and faster. We provide ad networks and their meida partners with superior and advanced native campaign tools for their direct-sold Native and Brand Content campaigns

Campaing tool for AD NETWORKS

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