Native Content Approval System

"Intuitive and fast approval system, giving the publisher the power over content"

"Scaling without losing control"

Never lose control over content and clients

Native Content is as close as it gets to editorial content, but paid. Therefore it is more sensitive than banners and display ads. To be confident in scaling sales through programmatic and buying platforms, publishers need to be sure they have the content control they want.


Lack of control lowers your yield

Quality content not only profiles your media environment, but also affects native yield management to the better and grows your e-CPM value.

ReadPeak provides fast and powerful Content Approval System for all native campaign content

Ad Networks or their media partners can define on what level they want the content approval to be for each placement, giving them the full control of any native content before it goes live.

  • Email notifications
  • Approve media plan and budget
  • Approve all content
  • Send direct messages to advertisers or agencies
  • See contact details of client and agencies

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