How To Create an Ad with ReadPeak

24.04.2018 | 10:32:00 | Lauren Bengston

With the ReadPeak native advertising platform, you can market selected content in the news media of the target media and in the context of relevant content. From the platform, you can choose to target media or target the visibility as precisely as possible to the desired target group.

For each content, at least 3 different versions are created that highlight the subject’s interest in the target audience. Versions can change all or some of the content elements. ReadPeak’s platform enables content versions to be optimized for the most efficient operation for each media.

Importing content can be a little tricky when you’ve never seen an ad before, so we have included this short tutorial to help guide you in creating your ad.

The following screenshot is an example of what the importer has pre-filled for the link used in the form. As you can see, it has already pre-filled the Article Title and the picture! Depending on how the website you are importing is formatted, you might have more fields pre-filled for you. Of course, if the info is not exactly what you want, you can edit this info now.

Each article needs the following elements:

Article Title: Max 70 characters including space

Advertiser Title: Up to 20 characters including spaces

Article Description: Max 160 characters including spaces

Call to Action: Max 12 characters including spaces

Advertiser Theme: Max 14 characters including spaces

Picture: The maximum size of the image is 750px wide, max 400px height, dpi 72, 50kb.

Please note that the publisher determines which elements are visible in the media and the lifting position. Each place has at least the name, image, and title of the advertiser. The “Do Not Show Before” is usually not set, and is optional.

And that’s it! You have created your first article! You can “Add More” by clicking the green button next to the form or you can continue and finish creating your new campaign. In the future, you will be able to add variations right here! But for now, you can add variations (and we recommend at LEAST 3!) on the Campaign Dashboard, at the bottom of the page.

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