Does your company have a blog but not enough readers?

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There is a solution. Through a new content advertisement platform, companies can reach readers from hundreds of different premium publishers.

Content marketing has grown over the past few years. Having a blog has been a given for many companies taking care of their marketing.

There are often two issues that stand in the way of a blog’s success. The first is content production. Many companies have solved this by having internal team members who produce good content. Others have outsourced content production to professional editors.

Yet a possibly even bigger bottleneck is readership. If you only have a few readers, for example, less than 300 per month, the blog is not really supporting your company’s sales.

How can you get more readers for your blog?

Many companies use social media channels to increase their readership. However, the most significant platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, have changed their algorithms so that the organic reach of shared content is very limited.

Purchased advertising will create traffic, but especially LinkedIn is a relatively expensive way of finding the right readers for your blog.

Nordic startup Readpeak decided to create an alternative effective solution for companies. In 2017, it launched an online service through which companies can place their blog post on the news feeds of hundreds of publishers. This is called native advertising.

A company can effortlessly sign up for the free Readpeak online service and create their blog post a placement ad on a media website. The ad will show a picture, the headline, the caption and the name of the advertiser. The company can choose the media their blog post will appear on. By clicking the ad, readers will be redirected to the company’s blog.

Content elements listed as Headline, Picture, Teaser, Advertiser Name, Theme and Call to Action shown on a diagram of a mobile phone

The safest thing in the service is that the company only pays for the readers.

The incredibly popular Readpeak platform has gained over 1000 customers in just a year. So far, more than 1,000 campaigns have been implemented. Large companies, such as HP, Microsoft, KONE and Volkswagen carry out marketing activities using the service. Even hundreds of small- and medium sized companies use the service.

Do you have a blog? Then try Readpeak. Using the online service is always free. You only pay for real readers.


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