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Increase sales with Programmatic Native dynamic RTB

Empowering the publisher

Our goal is to make Native Advertising a strong revenue source for digital publishers. Our platform allows the publisher to take full control of native inventory and optimize Native Ad-units to give up to 4-8 times higher return than traditional online advertising.

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demand side platform

Demand Side Platform

Never lose content control

As a publisher, you are in charge of all content on your site, including ad-content. On premium sites and placements, it’s even more sensitive.  We have therefore built-in an intuitive and fast content approval system.

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Sell according to your strategy

Dynamic RTB

Publishers sell CPC and CPM with real-time bidding. Dynamic RTB optimizes both ends for highest e-CPM value for publishers.

CPC Guarantied

Fixed CPC gives Publisher option to offer high value places with a premium pricing model. 

Private Marketplace

Publishers can easily create private marketplaces with special placements and deals to premium advertisers.

Optimize yield per Native ad-unit

Deploy any form of Native ad-units with the look and feel of your media, in just hours. Our platform converts Native ad-units to dynamic tags that you can fully control and adjust any time.

Clear reports and insightful data tracking

Follow live performance, real-time earnings and e-CPM conversions for each ad-unit. Compare performance and conversions and optimize yield. Track clients, content and campaign performance for different ad-units and medias.

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Supporting world winning strategies

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