Create high performance native campaigns

Drive relevant audiences

Readpeak provides an intuitive and adaptable Native Campaign tool for publishers direct sale campaigns.

Whether the campaign traffic is directed to content published inside your media property or client’s website, ReadPeak offers cutting edge tools to run native campaigns.

Easily build special solutions and deals for premium brands and clients.

  • Privet marketplaces
  • Client logins for co-creation projects
  • Include brand studio solution for end-to-end native campaings
Brand studio solution

Include multi-content and variation optimization

  • Use geo-targeting, time-targeting and frequency settings
  • Use re-targeting date or target by built-in data segments for your media

Take full controle


Optimize towards CTR, reader targets, time spent in content or direct conversion points to newsletters, purchases or white papers

Flexible budgets

Build campaigns based on campaign, media, or placement-specific budgets.

Dashboards and client logins

Offer clients live performance dashboard and monitoring

We create publisher pilot projects in 2 weeks.

Request a demo or contact publisher sales.