The flexibility to bend to a digital publisher’s specific needs and a way of executing any native advertising strategy

"Performance meets content"

The Native Ad-Tech Platform

The Readpeak platform is built as an answer to the growing demand of premium tech solutions, to drive publisher specific native strategies. We allow publishers to run quality content on a platform filling the advertisement requirements of today's media landscape.

Selling PlatformNative CAMPAIGN tools


Empowering the Publisher

Our goal is to empower the publishers to offer best possible solutions and services in the field of Native advertisement.

At the same time we open up new competitive edges, like an ad-platform competing with social media ad revenue and bringing long-tail sales into publishers revenue stream.

Premium and programmatic native

ReadPeak is used as a tool for publisher, for direct sale premium campaigns, as well as an SSP to sell programmatic and guaranteed CPC native campaigns through our exchange, using an open native protocol.

At ReadPeak, our flexibility allows for special, private deals and solutions. We provide exclusive native solutions for premium advertisers. Combined with our Brand Content Solution, you will be able to offer your clients world-class campaigns in your media platform.

Best possible inventory value growth and e-CPM

Value Growth

While ReadPeak is a solid technical platform, we understand the value of maximizing business opportunities. Therefore we not only provide tech but inventory value growth.


Throughout the years, we have developed specific algorithms and optimization tools to convert every native ad-unit and placement into the highest possible e-CPM for the publisher, increasing inventory value up to 5 times.

Data & Reports

We provide insightful data black on white. Run clear reports for both revenue and conversion metrics as well as performance metrics.

Learn more about our demand side platform in our feature blog for agencies

Readpeak offer agencies and marketers a cutting edge native buying platform. The ReadPeak demand side platform brings conversion, content metrics tracking and data into native buying processes at scale.