Reach your target audience

Where your target audience meets perfectly served content

Target audience by media 

Pick your best target mediaenvironments and and add medias to your campaign on the fly. Learn fast where your audience spend time and serve them timely with the right content.

Target with profile and segment data Beta

Add a layer of data to make your targeting sharp and relevant. ReadPeak serve you in-app with data profiles based on semantic data.

Make data based decisions to reach the right audience

Numbers don't lie. Make smart decisions based on real-time data from your campaign. Use multiple data points and track everything on one dashboard.

Track data in other platforms

Track all impressions, clicks and conversions to programmatic buying platforms like Adform, Double Click, Appnexus or to Google Analytics with automated UTM links.

More features

Re-marketing data

Add the ReadPeak tracking code to your site and build smart re-marketing segments from visitors.

3-party data Beta

Boost your targeting by connecting 3rd party data to your campaign via DMPs or partner data.

Reader behavior

Together with our premium publishers we serve data profiles based on reading behavior.

Read more in our feature blog

In the feature blog we dive deeper into features and how to maximize the performance of the ReadPeak platform.