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Multi-level native advertiser platform for agencies

ReadPeak's built-in dynamic RTB allows agencies to buy at lowest CPC price without compromising conversions and engagement targets.

Agency premium tool
Co-Creation and client login

Bring clients or partners on-board and build campaigns together. You can easily create a guest user or client logins. This works also as co-creation with other agencies. You can define the level of access for clients, for example content upload, optimization or only observe.

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Agency premium tool
Dynamic native display banners

ReadPeak has built-in tools to create dynamic native banners to run native strategy at scale on display placements.

Create easily branded layouts and include multiple content boxes in one placement to optimize price point. 

Traffic any native campaign to the dynamic native placement via Readpeak campaign tools.

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Add tracking pixel to connect client data for better optimization 

Use client data sources to target future campaigns.

Set conversion goals for campaigns and track them real-time

Add goals and track them real-time in dashboard. Set optimization rules to reach goals.

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Automated client reporting for agencies

Save time and reduce manual work. Choose specific data to be presented in the reports.

White-label report center

Easy to use interface for clients to access their reports. Features your brand in reporting.

Multi-user support

Include unlimited number of users with client specific limitations.

ReadPeak data mapped to other platforms

Track campaign data in other platforms and dashboards.

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