Designed for native performance

Our platform is designed for digital marketers, brands and agencies, to perform intelligent content driven advertising – making native advertisement smarter, faster and more effective. 

Leading the way for native buying platforms and programmatic native

Buy smarter with native dynamic RTB and data targeting.

  • Fast deployment and full control of media environments

  • Buy directly from publishers inventory with Native Dynamic RTB

  • Built-in algorithms for more effective visibility and intelligent marketing
Promotion platform

Optimize campaigns in real-time, hands on or based on algorithms

By interpreting data we enable instructive decision making and campaign optimization in real-time  

  • Optimize campaigns in real-time based on reading time, conversions, target media, ROI, content A-B-C testing and data segments.

  • Connect analytic pixel to track real-time engagements, reading times, brand exposure time and conversions to leads, whitepapers or purchases. 

  • Use re-targeting data to build the marketing processes. 
Optimization & Algorithms

Intuitive Native Campaign tools

Run Native campaigns smoother and stronger. We provide marketers with simple but advanced native campaign tools.

Beta Connect intelligent segment data to your native campaigns.

  • Optimize campaigns on the go based on performance, engagement, conversions or pricing.
  • Co-create campaigns together with clients or other agencies with client logins.
  • Offer a live-performance dashboard for clients.

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