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Set Conversion Goals

21.01.2018 | 10:50:00 | Tomas Forsbäck

ReadPeak offers a fast and smart way to track website conversions from your Native Advertisement campaign.

You can set any number of specific goals to a campaign. Goals can be:

  • Specific webpage visit goal (for example “Thank you page” or Product page or Shopping Cart page)
  • Specific button clicks goal (For example signup or download) Beta
  • Time-tracking goal (For example spent 1 min on page) Beta

How to set up goals

  1. Make sure you have implemented the ReadPeak pixel on your website. Read more here
  2. Go to Campaign page
  3. Push the “Goals” button in the middle box.
  4. Enter goal Name, Type of goal and Trigger value(for example web-page url)
  5. Press Add

Redo the steps to set more goals.

Now your goals are set. Goals are tracked in the Dashboard Live Performance view!

See how specific medias, articles and article-variations convert to goals

Tips! Go mouse over on the Goal to see the title of the goal:

Optimize based on conversion data

You can easily optimize campaign towards conversion results with fast deactivation of article-variant.

  • Push the green circle to de-activate variation in specific media.
  • Push the red circle to re-activate variation in specific media.

Choose what goals to see, what to hide:

You can specify what goals are seen on the dashboard by choosing and next to the goal.

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