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Redesigned Campaign Page for faster and smoother editing

11.11.2019 | 12:01:14 | Tomas Forsbäck

Our new campaign page brings speed to editing all of the campaign settings

Additionally, we added several new features making editing smarter. We redesigned the campaign page in a way that you never have to switch page to edit settings in the campaign. On the left side you have an overview of your campaign details, including start and end date. We added also number of days done and still remaining. Plus, a success rate percentage. If the rating is below 100% your campaign is lagging behind in budget.

On the left side you also find the duplicate campaign button.

New campaign page

On right side you have all campaign settings and the settings menu in the right upper corner.

Let’s take a look at some of the things we upgraded

Ad variation

• You can edit any ad-variation by clicking on the ad. It will go into edit-mode. When you want to preview your editing, click the preview icon.

New campaign page New campaign page

• Now you can choose on what news site a specific ad-variation should be displayed on by clicking the “Select Medias” icon

New campaign page

• You can add more articles or landing pages to your campaign, by scrolling to the bottom of the Ad Variation page and adding the landing page URL to the field and press “Create content ads”.

New campaign page

Medias & Placements

• We added a preview of your ad for each specific media and placement. In this way you get a better overview of how your ad will look like on a specific news site. Note that since this is a new feature, all publisher previews are not available yet.

New campaign page

• You can easily add more news sites during a running campaign by clicking on “Add More Medias” and add them by pressing “Select” on any news site you want to add.

New campaign page

That’s it, enjoy a better and smoother campaign editing experience!

We are happy help you with any questions via our support chat in the platform.

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