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Inscreen Impressions

18.01.2018 | 10:50:00 | Tomas Forsback

Inscreen Impressions

From 14 of April 2017 all Native Campaigns from ReadPeak are tracked with InScreen impression numbers.

During the last months, we have been connecting more and more medias to our buying platform. Publishers decide then self where they place the native ad placements on their site. Some place them on premium placements or in main page news stream while other under or as a part of the content recommendations.

This has caused big differences in CTR performance, since the InScreen number vary significantly form media to media.

Changing all campaign tracking to InScreen impressions give you as a marketer better and more precise insight of performance and a more exact comparison between performance in different medias. Now all placements are comparable, no matter where on the site your story is seen.

How does InScreen impression work?

Impressions are tracking every time your story (ad) is loaded to a page. But this does not yet tell you if anyone sees it, since they should scroll down for it to appear on the screen.

InScreen impressions mean that we track the impression, your story loaded in the page, only if the whole story is seen on the reader’s screen. See picture below.

How will this affect your ongoing campaign?

This will not affect your campaign in any way and no changes needs to be done. But the CTR numbers in the Campaign Dashboard will be higher from now on. See below what numbers it effects.

For more information contact us.

Tomas Forsbäck
+358 40 653 9970

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