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Making Native Advertising a strategic part of performance marketing

How to create a native ad with the ReadPeak Platform

23.05.2018 | 10:11:00 | Tomas Forsback

With native ads you promote blogs or articles. When adding blog or article URLs to your native campaign on the campaign creation page, our platform finds some of the ad-elements automatically. Some you might have to add manually.

Start by adding your blog or article URLs to the URL field. If you have more than one blog you want to promote, press “ADD MORE” button to add fields for more URLs.

When you have added the URLs, press “CREATE CONTENT ADS” to generate ads.

Image of URL form filled out as an example of how it looks

The native ad contains these elements and are published in medias that you choose in your campaign setting.

  • Picture *: if not added automatically, you can add picture later. Recommended picture size is 750px (height) – 400px (wide), 72 dpi.
  • Headline *: max 70 characters long. Make an interesting and eye catching headline.
  • Teaser *: intro text is a short 120-character long teaser for your blog or article. This can consist of one or several complete sentences. Make sure you don’t end the teaser with several dots (…) or more than one punctuation (!!, ??, etc).
  • Advertiser name *: This is added automatically base on your name in Readpeak. But can be changed manually if needed.
  • Theme: Theme is an optional field. Theme is the general theme of your content, like Cars, Travel, Recruiting or Digital.

Make sure your elements and fields in the required (*) fields correcttly filled out. Content elements listed as Headline, Picture, Teaser, Advertiser Name, Theme and Call to Action shown on a diagram of a mobile phone

Create native ad variation for blogs

To get the best performance out of your native campaign, you need to do one more thing. Create 3-5 variations of your ad.

This happens on the next page, after you have created the campaign. You find the native ads on the bottom of the campaign page.

Image of the ReadPeak platform and what it looks like when you are at the bottom of the campaign page

For every blog you want to promote, create 3-5 different variations for A/B testing. You can change elements like Headline, Picture and/or teaser text.

To add variations click the Add Variation button Add Variations Button

To edit a variation click the Edit Variation button Edit Variations Button

The more variations you have, the better your campaign will perform.

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