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Connect Website Data With ReadPeak Data Pixel

22.01.2018 | 10:50:00 | Tomas Forsback

Readpeak offers a client specific tracking code (pixel) for better conversion and performance tracking in campaings.

With the tracking code, the user can

  • track super precise time-tracking with information of what content gives best time-performance and from what media
  • set conversiongoals to campaign in the platform and track them directly from the dashboard (read: how to set goals in ReadPeak campaigns)
  • gather re-marketing data based on visitors on website, and their performance (launch in September)

How to implement the tracking code (pixel)?

  1. Go to your campaign page in the ReadPeak platform
  2. Find in the left upper box the button
  3. When pushing the button, it opens the pixel.
  4. Copy the pixel, and implement it to client webpage in the header or footer section.
  5. Monitor data and performance from Dashboard Live Performance page.

The pixel kicks in directly, and you can see average time spent per location, article and article-variation from the dashboard live performance.

Now you can also set conversion goals for your campaign.

Read “how to set goals in ReadPeak campaigns

Optimize based on new data

When the pixel is in place, track performance in the dashboard. You can easily optimize campaign towards conversion- or time spent results with fast deactivation of article-variants.

Live performance is opened when pushing the live performance button on dashboard:

  • Push the green circle to de-activate variation in specific media.
  • Push the red circle to re-activate variation in specific media.
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