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How to create a native ad with the ReadPeak Platform

With native ads you promote blogs or articles. When adding blog or article URLs to your native campaign on the campaign creation page, our platform finds some of the ad-elements automatically. Read More

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Retargeting with the ReadPeak native platform

Retargeting with the ReadPeak native platform With retargeting, you can target readers in medias who have visited your webpage at an earlier time. Read More

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ReadPeak Launched Dynamic RTB

Get insight how to use dynamic RTB* to bid and buy smarter Native Advertisement.

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How to Create Native Ad Campaigns with Readpeak

VIDEO: Create Native Ad Campaigns with Readpeak Learn how to create a content promotion and native advertisement campaign with the Readpeak platform. Read More

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Connect Website Data With ReadPeak Data Pixel

Readpeak offers a client specific tracking code (pixel) for better conversion and performance tracking in campaings.

With the tracking code, the user can

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Set Conversion Goals

ReadPeak offers a fast and smart way to track website conversions from your Native Advertisement campaign. You can set specific goals to a campaign in two ways. Read More