Career Opportunities, the ones that never knock

ReadPeak is a small start-up with big ambitions and is now looking for additions to the team to get us there. Our mission is to build the number one content marketing platform accessible for everyone. The plan is to make the platform first-class technically, so that it can handle all levels of traffic. The usability should also be super great, so that everyone who creates content can promote it without having to become an expert in digital marketing. 

At ReadPeak, we believe in independence. Every member of the team gets as much responsibility as they want and nobody will be looking over shoulders or judge the way people want to work. New pieces of technology are embraced whenever they bring meaningful value and everyone is encouraged to challenge the status quo. That said, support for personal and professional issues is always a hand-wave or Slack message away. 

Open Application

We are looking for great people with a passion for great products. It doesn’t really matter what your specialty is, we can figure out together if there is something you could help us with.

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